IRC Logs for #circuits Friday, 2014-10-03

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havocx42Hello, would someone be able to help me with a small problem with getting the irclogger working? Im getting the error ImportError: cannot import name Close when trying to import from circuits.io09:30
prologichi havocx4210:27
prologicyou mean my bot?10:27
prologicor the one in my blog post? :)10:28
prologicit may just need a little tweaking to work on circuits 3.0 :)10:28
prologicnamely in 3.0 all events were renamed to lowercase names if that makes sense10:28
prologicit should be easy to fix :)10:28
havocx42Started doing that but wasnt sure if I had missed something10:31
prologicno you were on the right track :)11:10
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havocx42I gave up on trying to get irclogger working with the new Circuits and just installed an old version. the case changes were fine but then there were some function argument mismatches18:16
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prologicperseverance *sigh*21:01
prologicbut the blog post will be out-of-date21:01
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