IRC Logs for #circuits Sunday, 2014-10-05

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robert_prologic: sup08:59
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prologichavocx42, hi10:21
prologichey robert_ and Yama10:21
prologichavocx42, I updated irclogger a few days ago
havocx42oh nice, thanks prologic10:29
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robert_prologic: how goes it22:47
prologicnot bad23:10
robert_not bad. working on a one-off email client while I finish up on the other longer-term mailer.23:39
robert_Circuits saves my ass once again.23:39
robert_I need to work on a scheduler in Circuits, so I can manage when components do their work.23:41
prologicTimer() :)23:47
robert_can it throw a bone to specific components?23:48
prologicsure why not :)23:58
robert_like, can it trigger certain components at certain times?23:59

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