IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2014-10-08

prologicrobert_: eh?00:04
prologicpdurbin: *nods*00:04
prologicI think we’re talking about the same thing? :)00:04
robert_like, I want to have multiple events I handle, does subclassing work with events?00:05
pdurbinhe recommended watching an intro talk he gave. maybe start with this post:
prologiccool will do :) thanks pdurbin00:07
prologicrobert_: if you want to listen to multiple events00:07
prologic@handler(“foo”, “bar”, “baz”)00:07
pdurbinhere are my notes:
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robert_prologic: have you seen the repo that I'm working on?04:00
prologicI have04:00
prologicbut untofrtunately I don’t understand it terribly well :)04:00
prologicmostly because a) it’s your design and b) I’m not close enough to it :)04:01
robert_what can I explain for you?04:01
prologicit’s ok :) I’ll just help you wrt to circuits usage and design aptterns04:01
prologicI can’t/shouldn’t influence your project(s) :)04:01
robert_yeah; that's what I need help with. :p04:01
prologicoh :)04:01
prologicless is more?04:01
robert_A couple compoonents are mysteriously missing04:01
robert_components **04:02
prologicthat’s unpossible? :)04:02
robert_they get load[]'d but I don't see them registered.04:02
robert_I'm (ab)using(?) the registered[] handler for a quick-and-dirty auto-component-channel discovery mechanism. :p04:03
robert_I'm manually injecting things where they shouldn't go, but it works for my purposes. :p04:06
robert_like, abusing __builtins__04:06
robert_yeah; it's not starting FilesystemWatcher or Scheduler.04:09
robert_or registering them.04:13
robert_impossible? well, it's happening :p04:16
prologicI wouldn’t abuse __builtins__ if I were you04:16
prologicseems like a bad hack :)04:17
prologicbut I guess you have your reasons?04:17
prologicalso are you registering the components?04:17
prologicif you’re not seeing the registration in the debug logs04:17
prologicthen it’s not getting regsitered04:17
prologicfind out why :)04:17
prologicit’ll be one of two things:04:17
prologica) you’re not regsitering the component04:17
prologicor b) you’re regsitering it somewhere else that isn’t running or part of your other component graph04:18
prologici.e: a disjointed sub-system04:18
robert_I'm using loader04:21
robert_so it should be registering them.04:21
robert_how do I get a component graph?04:22
prologica component graph is a set of registered components04:31
prologicA() + B() == a component graph04:31
prologicwhere B is registered to A04:31
prologicdo you have the loader regsitered? :)04:31
prologicsorry I’ll have to take a look when I get home :)04:41
robert_No problem. :D04:43
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robert_prologic: hi?15:13
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robert_Yama: sup18:36
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