IRC Logs for #circuits Friday, 2014-10-10

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clixx-ioI'm having trouble with the windows version of circuits01:25
clixx-iowhen I send 4015 bytes I only receive 3996 bytes because \r characters seem not be being sent through01:26
clixx-ioOn linux, it's sending and receiving the right information01:27
prologichi clixx-io01:44
prologiccan you provide more context?01:44
prologicperhaps you’re using the IRC or Line Protocol(s) in circuits.protocols?01:44
clixx-iooh wait, there's a python .strip() in the code01:46
prologicin your code?01:50
clixx-ioself.clients[sock]["data"] += data.strip().decode("utf-8")01:51
clixx-iono, it was in your example code01:51
robert_prologic: you see my new bug report?01:52
prologicclixx-io: ahh :)01:52
prologicrobert_: yes briefly this morning01:52
prologicwill take a look tonight more closely hopefully01:53
clixx-iook - that's what it was. Very frustrating. It was about to go into production, but then started failing tests working on windows01:54
prologicsoftware development can be frustating :)01:57
pdurbinwhat? never01:59
clixx-iono - it's just that testing ruins the fun.. ie ensuring that production software actually works02:11
clixx-iowell, on the positive side, it looks like the circuits based server can go into production02:13
clixx-ioit was about to be thrown in the bin02:14
prologicpatience, perserverience :)02:25
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Romsteri was thinking, i probably have no idea what so ever on circuits and events but. to run circuits on different machines over the net.. security pgp keys crypto?06:56
prologicgood question09:25
prologicit depends on the use-case I guess09:25
prologicright now circuits.node isn't very sophisticated - mainly because no-one has really battled tested it for some use-case and tried to expand on it :)09:25
robert_prologic: sup15:11
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MoleboyWould this be the right place to ask about VHDL?23:11
pdurbindunno what that is23:13

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