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Guest23208I am wondering if there is any power engineers or electrical engineers that know how much amps a street transformer  supports and how many house it normally can support?23:06
prologicGuest23208: try ##electronics :)23:09
prologicSee topic23:09
Guest23208I did transformers for the bigger power based distribution grid is much different then electronics smaller voltage I don't think many people in that irc have a clue or at least they wont say23:13
Guest23208The street side buckets and boxes transformers are what I am after... obviously for the transmission grid or main side of the distribution grid is a different story that I want to understand but right now I am curious about just the secondary side of the street transformers amps / house capacity .23:15
Guest23208for the transmission grid it would depend on how many kwatts of power or kwatt hours of energy one could generate with the electric supply generators plus the voltage it is generating this would determine the max amps and the gage wire one should uses from the generator out to the first transmission substation grid as well as you can compute the voltage drop per foot over (i.e how much voltage is loss from the generator to the f23:23
Guest23208irst transmission substation )...etc similarly you can do it for the distribution grid and substations but you have to know some facts like watts, ohm , number of transformer coils , volts , amps ,...etc something that always you to calculate the gage wire / max amps you get. I mean just looking at gage wire one could determine the max amps the where supports looking up on a gage chart (or what the code would normally say should23:23
Guest23208 be used)23:23
c45yprologic: awesome naming of your project, really limits confusion :P23:47
c45yGuest23208: /join ##electronics23:48
c45ythis is not the channel you are looking for23:48

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