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Guest23208Ok when creating a new receptacle from an existing one 5 studs or so over with the dry wall up do you normally fish the wire  up and down or vise-versa between the above or below floors ... or do people normally cut the drywall big square out and drill with a spade bit thru the middle of the studs and fish it thru by hand. the latter method saves on length of wire01:06
Guest23208To me it just seems a waste to have to go above and below just to go over a few studs right or left in a room01:07
Guest23208And what happens if you can fish up or down for some reason is my options just to not fish and just cut the drywall open or completely take down the drywall section of part of the room then secure them with screws and joint component over them etc01:10
Guest23208And fishing from the top or bottom only works if there is not firestops as well so how normally do you get around these issues01:11
Guest23208I guess you could cut into the drywall at the firestops but even still I would imagine a finished houses is hard to extend without touching the drywall other then to nail the box in or clamp the box in / screw it in...etc01:13
c45yhow interesting01:49
c45yhave you tried swimming with power leads?01:50
c45yi've found it to be quite enjoyable01:50
Guest23208I know that normally other then the main sewer line in a house the toilet's are on the largest drain pipe is this true in large buildings with 100's of toliets and do they still put them all on 3 or 4 in pipe ... and they still work fine or do they split them into 3 or 4in pipe groups or fixture units that then tie them all into a huge sewer line01:59
Guest23208I still have a hard time with drain pipe sizes  supply lines are a different story and can usually be calculated with an ohms law equivalent02:01
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Guest23208but drain pipes seem to be used more not continous and under now pressure so only gravity which is difficult to figure out the sizes of the pipe which will work for a fixture group... I guess one could calculate an approximation if he knew the gallons per minute of the unit but then again it is not continous flow so it would be capacity that matters if all could support at the same time etc... I guess one could add up all the ga02:05
Guest23208llons one had for each fixture at the same time being used continously "in theory" and make sure the pipe sizes was rated for that gpm continous rating that way it would always be an overestimation and should work02:05
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Guest23208Though of course since the pipes are not always straight down the total effects of gravity aren't used completely gsin(theta) ...etc02:07
Guest23208so this makes it even hard to know for large buildings or design large buildings DWV from no experiences for house the experiences is actually observations for 1 2 3 floor places big buildings are restricted though02:08
Guest23208when in doubt though you could over kill the large buildings with street size pipes they need to be able to do it though covering them up thru walls is another story02:10
Guest23208I have to say the code sometimes suck probably once you know it because it hinder creativity and the ability to experiment obviously for saftey or living/working conditions you want to stick with the code until you know the new way works fine with know safety issues02:12
Guest23208I guess is water pressure pumps common to boost buildings pressure over 20 or 30 psi or is the buildings get closer to 60 or 80... And if you are getting above 80 or something is it nessary to reduces or regulate the psi down... or at which point would the pressure start damaging fixtures... I would imagine even that could vary depending on if it is a straight up run to 30 floors or more.... but 50psi around and a 2 in copper pi02:27
Guest23208pe should get enough water anywhere you need just uses reducers maybe never tried it02:27
c45yI wonder if they are using markov chains02:28
c45yprologic: also might want to poke your head in here02:28
Guest23208so ok if you know the gpm at a fixture it doesn't nessarilly tell you the gpm capacity of the system or other fixtures on it so maybe this gpm is measured with multiple fixtures on at each one and they call the gpm then for the fixture unit duno much more difficult to calculate pipe sizes , liquid current , the viscosity/resistances of the pipe on the liquid , and  the psi  or force need sort of an ohms law but an approximation02:33
Guest23208must exist .02:33
prologicgeez christ02:35
prologicsorry about that guys :)02:35
prologicobviously I’m at work (my day job)02:35
prologicwhat a mess02:35
prologicnormally fokl are quite okay with the “slight” confusion and are happy to be pointed in the right direction :)02:35
c45yim almost certain that was a bot of some sort02:36
prologicI think you may be right about that02:37
c45yits why I +r most of my channels02:38
c45ybots never seem to bother to register02:38
prologicbut it’s not that big of a deal :)02:40
prologicfuck you ChanServ :)02:41
prologicremind me to add a few more ops for #circuits02:41
c45yyou can add permissions without setting autoop02:42
prologicyeah I will02:43
prologicbut it’s one of those things02:43
prologicyou hardly ever use the vast features of irc and irc services that you forget how :)02:43
prologicso I’ll do it at home02:43
prologicI believe at least you and Osso should have ops02:44
prologicmaybe Zimsky and pdurbin too :)02:44
c45yim mostly uninvolved here apart from my little dabble with it02:45
c45ypossibly not such a great help02:45
prologicjust wait :)02:49
prologicI’ll get you move involved :)02:49
prologicwe’ll get circuits into Enterprise yet :)02:49
prologicjust tell me what we need to do and we’lll find the time to make it happen :)02:49
c45yits just...different02:50
c45ythat is my main problem with it, i need to sit down and dedicate time to learning how it works02:51
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OssoI am not sure I am never promoted to ops I think09:28
Ossoand I am always authenticated09:28
prologicg'night :)10:49
prologicgoing to bed I'm beat10:49
prologicwho else should I add?10:49
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Romsterthe psi of water... what has that got to do with pole pigs -_-12:38
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