IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2014-10-16

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prologichello techdragon10:04
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prologicmorn’n all23:28
robert_prologic: can you listen to more than one event channels without manually ignoring events, or is that the way to listen to then? lol23:37
prologicwhy would you want to listen to channels?23:40
prologicchannels != events23:40
prologicthey are used merely as seaprateres of potentialyl conflicting events23:40
prologici.e: separation of concerns23:40
prologicfor say two read events that need to be treated differently23:40
robert_well, I have two channels that I want to listen to for core events; namely the MainApplication and the Scheduler components.23:40
prologicor e.g: two server components that treat each incoming connection differently23:40
prologicwell is it possible to setup an event handler for a given event or set of events23:41
prologicand set the channel to *23:41
prologice.g: @handler(“foo”, “bar”, channel=“*")23:41
robert_oh, yeah. like you do.23:41
prologicbut listening to multiple channels has not made sense and/or we’ve not found a use-case for such a feature23:42
prologicdefinately listening for multiple events - yes :)23:42

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