IRC Logs for #circuits Sunday, 2014-10-19

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prologicanyone able to view this?09:12
Yamaasks for password, prologic09:52
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prologicahh yes10:30
prologicgotta try and figure out some kind of anon access10:30
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Romsteroh you oped me in here :) its not one of the channels i'm very active in though.11:08
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prologicdoesn't matter :)11:27
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c45yprologic: can view, getting password prompt though12:07
c45yguessed password, seems to have let me in12:07
c45yprologic: this looks awesome...whatever it is12:13
c45yanyway im off to sleep, ping me with a description of whatever that magic is12:17
Yamahmm "python sdist" and "bdist" are doing 2 different zip files (ya, on windows)12:24
Yamafor what is the difference and which is for deployment?12:24
Yamaah, source and binary, k^^12:26
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robert_prologic: sup23:10
prologicc45y, :)23:43
c45yhey prologic23:55
prologicI guess you figured out the creds :)23:56
prologicfor some reason my sensor is producigng negative values23:56
prologicgotta figure out why23:56
c45yyou're not very creative  :P23:56

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