IRC Logs for #circuits Monday, 2014-10-20

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prologicc45y, it's the default for the time being :)02:35
prologicstill playing with it obviously :)02:35
c45ywhat is 'it' ?02:37
prologicso it's a light sensor atm05:05
prologicbut I plan to build a full blown weather station05:06
prologicatm it's using tinycircuits boards05:06
prologictinyduino processor + tinyduino wifi shield + tinyduino ambient light sensor shield + tinyduino usb + icp shield for power and programming05:06
prologicusing the aREST arduino library to provide a RESTful-like interface to it's single variable "lux" :)05:07
prologiccollecting and graphing this with05:07
prologiccrond + python05:07
prologicrunning collectlux.py05:07
prologicand using influxdb as a time series database05:07
prologicand grafana to produce pretty dashboard-style graphs05:08
c45yhow is influx to use?05:11
c45yi've never really enjoyed most databases for time series05:11
c45ywell, other than redis05:11
prologicinflux is fucking awesome shit05:18
prologicit's quite overkill for what I'm doing here05:19
prologicit's actually a replacement for nagios05:19
prologicwith high scalability, etc, etc05:19
prologicbut I'm going to use it for this05:19
prologicas it "just works"05:19
prologicplus I may as well graph/collect/analyze my own device/server stats too05:19
prologicinfluxdb + grafana is well worth looking in to05:19
prologicand ofc I'm using docker images of them from tutum05:20
prologictutum/influxdb and tutum/grafana05:20
prologicmy hub fig.yml05:20
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pdurbinprologic: I'm spreading the gospel of influxdb:
prologicahh good o :)12:11
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