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robert_prologic: So how does component graphing work? is it just a special form of a tuple or something?03:15
robert_prologic: because it looks like a tuple.03:23
robert_prologic: or a list.03:23
prologicit’s actually stored in a set04:49
prologicbut yeah it’s a directed graph04:49
robert_prologic: another commit coming up. Trying to get components to initialize only once.04:57
robert_but for some reason, registered() fires on both '*' and my component's channel name.04:58
prologicif you have a event handler such as:05:06
prologic@handler(“registered”, channel=“*”)05:06
prologicthen yes you will get “handle” the regsitered event twice05:06
prologicbut you did that :)05:07
prologicL152 of circuits/core/components.py05:07
prologicfires the registered() event to the parent component being registered to05:07
prologicalso evers are nver fired “twice”05:07
prologicunless your user code does so05:07
prologicbut they can be handled multiple times05:07
prologicif you wish to prevent other event handlers from handling the event05:08
prologicthen call event.stop()05:08
prologic@handler(“registered”, channel="*")05:08
prologicdef _on_regsitered(self, event, *args, **kwargs):05:08
prologic    event.stop()05:08
prologicnote however thatt this event handle must have a higher priority then the other event handlers you want to prevent handling for05:09
robert_but I'm actually not. If I can get git to commit this, I'll show you.05:37
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