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robert_prologic: hai.07:18
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robert_sup Romster07:40
Romsternot a lot just off work. fixed parcel shelf tail light in car. and making coffee.07:42
Romsterman i had a busy week with urgent photocopier call outs07:43
robert_working on my project in Circuits.07:45
Romsternow i can just relax though07:45
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robert_Romster: For some reason, I'm getting double-events and some other oddities.08:11
Romsteron what?08:23
robert_I'll add you to the bitbucket project08:23
Romstereh i don't have a ton of time to do much these days.08:24
robert_so you can see what I'm talking about.08:24
robert_actually, it's just the two issues. And then I'm good. :d08:24
robert_:D **08:24
Romsteri'd like to mess more with rust when i get the time for that08:25
robert_anyway, added.08:27
robert_Bitbucket should annoy you about my project. :p08:28
Romsteri see it08:32
Romsteris this private repo or something?08:33
robert_It is.08:33
robert_the built-in components double-initialize, even though Application doesn't use Loader()08:33
Romsterlooks like work related too.08:34
robert_It is.08:34
robert_Hence why it's private. :p08:34
Romsteri see your last commit uses Loader08:36
robert_I'm not using config/Database yet.08:36
robert_so you can comment-out the database stuff to make it run.08:37
Romsterso you moved stuff to a Settings class08:40
robert_well, a Settings module. :p08:42
Romsteri thought bigbucket was hg only08:44
robert_Nope, git and hg.08:45
Romsterso i cloned it now08:47
Romsterso how does this run?08:48
robert_just run Application.py08:48
Romsterand i think i'll have to install python 308:48
prologicrobert_, worked out the issue?08:49
Romsterpadding = 208:49
RomsterSyntaxError: invalid syntax08:49
robert_prologic: nope. I just got around to being able to get it committed.08:50
Romsteryeah maybe it wont work on python 2.7.808:50
robert_I use python 3's exception handling mechanics.08:51
Romsterpython 3.3.2 will be ok?08:51
RomsterImportError: No module named 'circuits'08:52
Romsterah now i need to update my circuits.08:52
robert_the only external libraries I use besides circuits are termcolor and sqlalchemy.08:52
Romstersqlalchemy i should have already08:53
Romsternot sure on termcolor but i'll soon find out.08:53
robert_oh, wait.08:54
robert_one more08:54
robert_I just remembered08:54
Romsterpip install circuits-dev --upgrade08:54
RomsterDownloading/unpacking circuits-dev08:54
RomsterCould not find any downloads that satisfy the requirement circuits-dev08:54
Romsterdid you move that prologic ?08:55
robert_because circuits file monitoring doesn't work on freebsd yet :p08:55
Romsteri'm on the same distro as prologic here08:56
robert_I'm moving the platform to ArchLinux, but it ain't there yet.08:57
prologicpip uninstall circuits-dev08:59
prologicpip install circuits08:59
prologicyou should get 3.0.008:59
prologicrobert_, link to code again?08:59
prologicI have a few mins spare atm09:00
RomsterCannot uninstall requirement circuits-dev, not installed09:02
Romstersudo pip install circuits09:02
RomsterRequirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): circuits in /home/romster/var/cwd/remote/projects/circuits-dev09:02
Romsterwtf think i need to go blow away some files...09:03
Romsterah i did that custom install ages ago...09:03
prologicrobert_, no setup.py09:05
prologicno requirements.txt09:05
robert_it's not meant to be an egg; just a private project.09:05
robert_I'll stuff a requirements.txt in there for you, though.09:06
Romsterbad coding prologic is picking it apart :P09:06
prologicdoesn't matter09:06
prologicyou should always have proper project infrastructure ihmo09:07
prologica requirements.txt means a fellow dev can:09:07
prologicpip install -r requirements.txt09:07
prologicmakes things a lot easier09:07
Romsterknow what it needs to run09:07
robert_I'm getting there, I'm getting there.09:07
prologicwhere have you gotten this from?09:09
prologicComponent does not have such an attirbute09:09
robert_it's python 309:09
prologicno no it's not09:10
prologicWhat are you using?09:10
prologicPython 3.2 or 3.4?09:10
robert_3.2 I think.09:10
prologicI've got 3.2.5 here in a virtualenv09:10
prologicand sorry no such feature/behavior09:10
Romsterdidn't pyhton change ABI between 3.1 3.2 3.3 and 3.4?09:10
prologicPython 3 is totally and utterely different09:10
prologicI'm not prepared to use it full time yet :)09:11
prologicbut circuits has to support it :)09:11
Romsteri realize that.09:11
prologicrobert_, fix the qualname stuff09:11
prologicI'll bbs09:11
prologicI pushed some commits09:11
Romsteri'm gonna get some food09:11
robert_prologic: and it's only on classes, not instances of classes.09:13
robert_prologic: Oh, it's 3.3+09:14
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Romsterand this is why i wanna do an ircd that is eventy driven no need to quit/join users except on a local ircd restart.10:19
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robert_Romster: lol, what if the link breaks?15:06
robert_prologic: I fixed it just for you. :p18:49
robert_prologic: haha. :p19:04
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logavancHello all.  I am trying to adapt one of the examples to add what I thought would be a trivial change but it is really killing me...22:41
logavancI can't seem to figure out how to add a signal handler to the example script.22:42
logavancWell... to be more accurate, I can add the event handler, but I am trying to set it up to broadcast out a message to all the clients when I hit ^C (signal.SIGINT).22:45
logavancI can create the handler in the chat server component, and I can stop the event from propagating using event.stop().22:46
pdurbinlogavanc: I bet prologic could help but he may not be awake yet.22:47
logavancAs I was typing this out, I think I may have figured it out......22:47
logavancI am really hoping I can figure all of this out, it looks like circuits is a killer python framework!22:48
pdurbinit does seem quite nice22:50
pdurbinlogavanc: what are you planning on using it for?22:51
logavancAt the moment, a learning experience.22:52
logavancI think what I am trying to do boils down to this:  I would like to have an event handler for when all write operations of the TCPServer complete.22:53
pdurbinsounds do-able22:56
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