IRC Logs for #circuits Saturday, 2014-10-25

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prologichey all03:44
prologicsorry crashed last night03:44
prologichave had a col last few days03:45
prologicstill do :(03:45
prologiclogavanc, hey03:45
prologicjust reading the backlog03:45
prologicI have ~5mins before I'm heading out for a kids bday party :)03:45
logavancEnjoy the party!  =)03:46
prologiclogavanc> I think what I am trying to do boils down to this:  I would like to have an event handler for when all write operations of the TCPServer complete.03:47
prologicI guess you would have to modify the write Event class03:47
prologicwhich is easy to do before anything starts03:47
prologicfrom import write03:47
prologicwrite.complete = True03:47
logavancI just ended up keeping a local reference to the TCPServer at the same time I registered it, then before I closed everything out with the signal handler, I looped checking the size of the socket's buffers.03:47
prologic@handler("write_complete", channel="*")03:47
prologicofc you could also listen to the _write event03:48
prologicwhich fires after write and when the poller is ready to be written to03:48
logavancI will look at that.03:48
prologiclogavanc> I just ended up keeping a local reference to the TCPServer at the same time I registered it, then before I closed everything out with the signal handler, I looped checking the size of the socket's buffers. <-- yeah that's a good way too :)03:48
prologicgood luck with it all03:49
logavancThis whole circuits framework thing is fascinating me.  I am blown away with how awesome it is, but how simple it is under the hood.03:49
prologicI'll be around in a few hours to asnwer more q's03:49
logavancThank you.03:49
prologicOsso, is one of our core devs03:49
prologicping him :)03:49
prologicyeah thanks :)03:49
logavancI have been poking around on bitbucket and making pull requests for typos's and stuff.03:49
logavancHope it doesn't annoy too many people.  =)03:50
prologicnot at all :)03:52
prologicPR(s) all welcome03:52
robert_prologic: I fixed it to your liking. :p06:02
prologicrobert_, did you solve the problem you were having then?08:00
robert_nope. :p08:02
prologicrobert_, hmmm08:44
prologiccan you modify your code to optionally use sqlite?08:44
prologicI'm not prepared to install postgresql just to test this :)08:44
prologiceither that or build a Dockerfile for your app08:45
robert_the cache uses sqlite08:46
robert_I'm not testing that part yet08:46
robert_so you can un-require it.08:46
robert_prologic: I can create the schemas for you so you won't need pgsql if you want.08:51
robert_(create them in sqlite, that is.)08:51
robert_prologic: it uses sqlite3 for caching and sync'ing with pgsql, so I can comment out the pgsql-specific classes.08:56
robert_A docketfile?08:56
robert_prologic: I was waiting for you, btw.08:59
prologicok so remove the phsql2 dep09:10
robert_pgsql *09:11
robert_I don't actually have a pgsql dep.09:11
prologicsomeone is importing it09:11
robert_I use sqlalchemy.09:11
robert_hold up and I'll commit a fixed version.09:12
prologicalso learn the wicked ways of docker09:49
prologicit'll really help with dev and deployment09:49
prologicihmo if you're not using docker you're doing it wrong :)09:50
prologicofc I could say the same about Python + circuits09:50
prologicjoking :)09:50
robert_If only I had turned to you for web dev way back in 2003, I wouldn't have a mess of ruby and php to migrate to python. :p09:56
robert_Pushed update.09:56
robert_I'll start using the pgsql tables when it's time to do so.09:57
robert_prologic: go ahead, all the important tables are now in the sqlite db10:02
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prologichi saint-ron11:26
prologicDo I have to create the db by hand? Where are the schemas? You know SQLAlchemy can auto-create table structures right?11:27
robert_I know that.12:56
robert_but those tables are basically i.12:56
robert_it *13:28
robert_prologic: there we go. :D13:41
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prologicAre you testing/debugging this? :)22:57
prologicFix "all" the obvious bugs :)22:57
prologicthen I might have half a chance of working out where your so-called "doubling up of events/handlers" are coming from :)22:58

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