IRC Logs for #circuits Sunday, 2014-10-26

robert_it runs on my dev system. :p01:51
robert_prologic: anyway, it's python 3.2+; I actually bothered to look it up. :p01:52
robert_er, 3.3+01:52
prologic"it works for me" (tm) -- unaccaptable :)02:08
prologicOk I'll switch to Python 3.302:09
prologicbut you still have to fix that return/yield issue02:09
prologicIn general a generator cannot return a non-None value02:09
prologicreturn and yield are invalid in general in functions02:09
prologicit's either a function (return)02:09
robert_I'm not returning anything, though.02:09
prologicor a generator (yield)02:09
robert_I don't return anything. anywhere.02:10
robert_well, it works on Python 3.4 :p02:10
robert_I'll look at SwitchEventSource and see if I can get it to not do that.02:10
prologicL150: lib/EventLog.py02:10
prologicL151: lib/EventLog.py02:10
prologicyou mix yield/return there02:11
prologicAlso please reformat your code with autopep802:11
prologicand ensure you code to pep8 compliance02:11
prologicmy editor is lighting up like a christmass tree :(02:11
prologicvery difficulty to debug/edit/read the code02:11
prologicpip install autopep802:11
robert_oh, shoot. I saw that.02:12
robert_'return False' :p02:12
prologicalso regarding the "works for me"02:12
prologiclet me elaborate by saying02:12
prologicin general that statement is unacceptable :)02:12
prologicif _must_ work for you and for me02:12
robert_I agree.02:12
prologicand anyone else that uses it02:12
prologicalso learn Docker :)02:12
prologicit helps with the fallacy of "works for me"02:12
robert_if you can't get it to work, I'm stabbing around in the dark. :p02:12
prologicit helps to ensure/guarentee "works everywhere"02:13
robert_I will when I'm done with this project.02:13
prologicanyway fix two things02:13
prologicthat yield/return02:13
prologicand pep8 compliance02:13
prologicawesome :)02:13
robert_also, my sqlalchemy is a bit lacking.02:14
robert_I don't auto-create the database. :p02:14
robert_that was sort of an "oops"; I was perhaps thinking about making register_source() an api and not an event.02:17
robert_but forgot to change it when I decided it was better to leave it an event handler.02:17
prologichey look I believe you when you say it works for you02:20
prologicbut otoh I kind of don't02:20
prologiccan you please fix and test as much as you can?02:21
prologicbefore I debug the circutis issues you were having with double event/handlers thing?02:21
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robert_oh, okay.06:35
prologicoh okay?06:38
prologicsorry I got disconnected several times today06:38
robert_I sort of conked out again06:39
robert_I'm fixing my sqlite3 issue.06:39
robert_prologic: okay, so another commit.10:23
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