IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2014-10-28

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robert_prologic: ping03:08
prologicrobert_: pong03:09
prologicwhat’s up?03:09
robert_prologic: I figured, but when you get off, I updated it.03:10
prologicok cool03:10
prologicI’ll take a look tonight03:10
robert_sure thing. :D03:11
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robert_prologic: how goes it?08:58
prologicok it starts up now11:18
prologicwhat seems to be the problem?11:18
robert_prologic: uh, each starts up twice? Scheduler starts up twice? heck, EVERYTHING starts up twice.18:27
prologicrobert_, fixed20:29
prologicsee latest commit20:29
prologicnothing is starting twice20:29
prologicbut if you debugged the regsitered event handlers20:29
prologicyou would have found they were getting caleld twice20:29
prologiceven for registrations that don't seem to be their own20:29
prologicnot sure why20:29
prologiceasy fix is to:20:29
prologicdef register(self, component, manager):20:29
prologic   if component is not self:20:29
prologic      return20:29
prologic   ...20:29
robert_yeah; is that an issue with circuits or..?21:13
prologicpossibly not sure22:28
prologicI’ll look in to it22:29
prologicbut what I’ve committed should fix your problem for now22:29
prologicit wasn’t actually an issue as such22:29
prologicand doing a graph(root)22:29
prologicwould have also shown you exactly what components are in the system22:29
robert_hm, okay.22:50
robert_so one is still firing twice.22:50
prologicapply the same fix there too22:52

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