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PerlPythonCan someone link me to a video or article explaining how the BIOS is programed through circuits?03:33
PerlPythonAnyone here?03:33
prologichi PerlPython03:34
prologicThis is not the channel you're after :)03:34
prologicTry ##electronics :)03:35
PerlPythonOh shit this is a Python channel.03:35
PerlPythonI didn't read.03:35
PerlPythonWait is this like the circuit vs. UDP thing (I have only skimmend don't understand it) in networking?03:38
PerlPythonUDP was supposed to be Datagram or whatever.03:38
PerlPythonAnyway thanks for the link to #electronics. I'll stay here in order to get a response 5 mins and then I'm probably out.03:39
prologicPerlPython, no it's more of an architecture framework03:51
prologicyou developer software in loosely coupled components03:51
prologiccircuits supports event-driven and Async I/O03:52
prologicas well as Coroutines03:52
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PerlPythonprologic: Thanks for the response. I'm out.05:21
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