IRC Logs for #circuits Monday, 2014-11-03

pdurbina what? A WHAT?!00:17
prologicmust have got cut of :)02:11
prologicbeen thinking about adding more features to ircnotifier02:11
prologicand improving the commit message display :)02:11
prologicand also supporting issues and pull requests02:12
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pdurbinyeah, circuits seems nice for bots02:35
prologicis that all? :)02:41
prologicto be fair it's nice for anything I/O02:42
prologicweb, services, etc, etc02:42
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pdurbinwell, I haven't tried it at all (despite somehow being a mod in this channel)02:45
prologicwell perhaps you shoudl :)02:46
prologicwe could do with another developer :)02:47
pdurbinprologic: the link to the wiki at the bottom of is a 40402:49
prologicso it is :)02:50
prologicthat's a bug in my cms itself02:51
prologicit's due for an update which I'm hoping to get done this week on my week off02:51
prologicgot a new job at a better company :)02:51
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prologicI want to do up a BootStrap and/or Foundation theme for sahriswiki, update it to circuits 3.1, swap out genshi for jinja2, fix some bugs and maybe a couple extra features like Markdown rendering02:52
prologichow did you guess :)02:56
prologicyou must be physic :)02:56
pdurbinyou must be pythonic02:56
pdurbinanyway, congrats! I'm beat. going to bed02:57
prologicnps :) g'night02:59
prologicand thanks :)02:59
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