IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2014-11-13

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xxcnhi all! just found out about circuits and considering using it in an application10:31
xxcnHere's the first question: how do I embed a WSGI app within a circuits-based process? Basically, I want a Flask app served within the circuits app ...10:32
xxcnlooked for a wsgi server implementation, but couldn't find in on the first pass over
prologichi xxcn11:01
prologicis what you want11:01
prologicuse this to mount your flask app11:01
prologicI think there are simple examples of this in examples/web/wsgi/11:02
prologicAnd I've done this successfully with other wsgi apps such as hgweb and sandman11:02
xxcnhi prologic11:02
xxcnthanks! (and thanks for writing circuits :))11:02
xxcnthat's informative, I'll dive into the code now11:03
prologicyour welcome11:04
prologicsorry for the dealy :)11:05
prologicthere should be plenty of docs too11:05
prologicmost of it should be helpful11:05
prologicalbeit docs are the hardest things to get "right" :)11:05
xxcn is what I was looking for11:11
xxcnthanks again!11:11
xxcnand no probs for the delay11:11
prologicI'm off to bed shortly11:14
prologicany burning q's :)11:15
xxcnback from lunch, and nope, thanks :)12:07
xxcnI've always wanted to see a kangaroo. As a kid, I had a dream -- I was taking a ride in a kangaroo. There were seats inside, like in a bus12:08
xxcnAre they like that?12:08
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