IRC Logs for #circuits Friday, 2014-11-14

prologicxxcn, hey00:06
prologicxxcn, no Kangaroos aren't quite like that00:06
prologicthey're from the Marsupial class of animals00:06
prologicthe females have a small pouch to carry their young called Joeies00:07
pdurbinno seats? man00:08
prologicwe don't ride our Kangaroos :)00:10
prologiconly Horses :)00:10
prologicand hi pdurbin :)00:11
prologicglad you're around00:11
prologicwanna throw some ideas aroud00:11
prologicI want to build a sort of CI for CRUX00:11
pdurbinmy VM got rebooted but I'm back, baby00:11
prologicthe Linux Disto I use00:11
prologicI just came across this wonderful little project by OpenStack last night00:11
prologicinspired by tox00:12
prologiclooks awesome in terms of what it can do and it's use-case00:12
prologicmainly declare how to buidl things00:12
prologicand dox it :)00:12
prologicnow all I need (I think):00:12
prologica) a way to determine when a change has occured in a repo (git)00:12
prologicb) what changes and specifically what ports have changed00:12
prologicc) a way to queue up jobs that will run dox -- perhaps one job per port that changed00:13
pdurbinhuh. looks neat too00:13
prologicd) some way of notifying of failed or success builds00:13
prologicand lastly but most importantly00:13
prologice) a way to publish the built packages somewhere00:13
prologicthis is the whole point of why I want to build a CI for CRUX's ports/packages :)00:13
prologicyeah tox is nice00:14
prologicI use it all the time in many of my projects that need to work across multiple versions of Python00:14
prologice.g: circuits :)00:14
prologicso you just do:00:14
pdurbinprologic: I gotta get you to hang out in #crimsonfu with the other dockerheaders and pythonistas00:14
prologicand it tests circuits against 2.6, 2.7, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 and pypy00:14
prologicoh :)00:14
prologicI'm not sure whether I should find bits and pieces to do this00:16
prologicand cobble them together00:16
prologicthere are CI systems ofc00:17
prologicbut Jenkins is kind of overkill for this00:17
prologicDrone is nice but in a lot of development flux atm00:17
prologicThen there is Sloth-CI (written in Python)00:17
prologicIt looks pretty good but severely lacks docs so I haven't been able to try it for anything yet00:17
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