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LyndsySimonprologic: OK, I'm more than intrigued now by circuits. I'm going to build some proof-of-concept stuff to better learn how it will effect my development process.18:24
LyndsySimonCould you point me to an example of properly using a database in a non-blocking way?18:25
LyndsySimonI normally prefer traditional SQL databases, but I'm fairly experienced with MongoDB and would like to use whatever is best suited for the event-driven style of circuits.18:26
LyndsySimonIn short - teach me, sensei :)18:26
pdurbinLyndsySimon: I think it's 4:30 in the morning for prologic18:32
LyndsySimonNot a problem - I expected that communications dealing with circuits would be asynchronous and non-blocking...18:35
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prologichey LyndsySimon22:44
prologicsorry for the delay22:44
prologictimezone differences :)22:44
prologicokay just read the backlog22:45
prologicregarding database stuff and async22:46
prologicunfortunately as you're probably very much aware many databases do not support async operations very well (if at all)22:46
prologicmost db(s) leave you with one option to run operations in a thread22:46
prologicwe don't (unfortunately) have any nice db wrappers as such, I've not written any, nor has anyone else :) so I assume folks just use threading and/or the circuits Worker component (which wraps around multiprocessing)22:48
prologicsomewhere in your app'a stack22:49
prologicfrom circuits import Worker22:49
prologicsomewhere you might do db stuff22:49
prologicfrom circuits import task22:49
prologicyield, "Bob", 1234), "worker))22:50
prologicin practice it would not be that hard to integrate some kind of db through SA, mongoengine, or plain ol db-api22:51
prologicI know this isn't a database -- but this is how I integrate a blocking process from the docker-py library's
prologicLyndsySimon, just found the one project where I have used a db before :)22:58
prologicessentially I just let SQLAlchemy handle it (it uses a thread pool)23:01

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