IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2014-11-20

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prologiceven'n all09:15
prologicfinally back on my desktop :)09:15
prologicLyndsySimon, hi09:15
prologicsorry if I missed anything lately09:15
prologicI'll have to catch up :)09:15
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LyndsySimonYou didn't miss anything from me - I have been busy working on some legacy code. Yesterday, I implemented polymorphic model inheritance in a database abstraction library we wrote at work.14:44
LyndsySimonI do keep running into circumstances where I miss events in circuits, even though I've not written a full app with the framework yet.14:44
pdurbinLyndsySimon: you miss stuff from circuits? You only learned about it last week! ;)16:15
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LyndsySimonpdurbin: Oh well - implementing a messaging system is apparently well-suited to it. I had to go through all kinds of gymnastics to get what I had to work the way I wanted it to.17:18
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prologiccircuits is a messaging system I guess20:55
prologicyeah I'm working at a new company with a large legacy docdebase20:55
prologicDjango 1.220:55
prologicyes 1.2 :)20:56
prologiclatest ia 1.8 - we're way behind20:56
prologicand 183k SLOC of code in a single repo20:56
prologicmonolithic :)20:56
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