IRC Logs for #circuits Friday, 2014-11-21

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pdurbinprologic: how do you feel about Django?00:52
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prologicpdurbin, it'a alright :)08:48
prologicit's like any mvc web framework really08:48
prologicI'd not be doing any of my own projects in it ofc08:49
prologicbut that's neither here nor there08:49
prologicI don't have any level of diststae for it :)08:49
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pdurbina plus is being able to hire a Django developer to jump into an existing project, I guess11:59
pdurbinthere are conventional ways of doing things in Django12:00
prologicbut it's not too dissimilar to things you'd find int he Python Web world12:17
prologicit's basically WSGI12:17
prologicDjango just has it's own Templating12:18
prologicit's own ORM12:18
prologicit's own Routing12:18
prologicetc etc12:18
pdurbinpredictable in that way14:02
prologicit also has few dependencies too I guess21:28
prologicby default21:28
prologicjust like circuits21:28
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pdurbinso what's the advantage of Circuits over Django?23:54
prologicI'm not sure you can fairly compare them tbh23:58
prologiccircuits is event-driven with a component architecture23:58
prologicand if we're comparing circuits.web vs. Django as "web frameworks"23:58
prologicit's also unfair23:58
prologicsince circuits.web can do so much more than plain ol Django which is typically just a WSGI callable23:58
prologicWSGI(s) in the world of Python are basically functions of the form:23:59
prologicdef application(environ, start_response):23:59
prologicAnd they are blocking in their very nature23:59

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