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prologicWith circuits.web (if you don't use and deploy your app with WSGI and circuits.web.wsgi.Application) you get Asynchronous events for free as well as tasks/workers and coroutines00:00
prologicplus you also get naive load balancing as well by starting up your circutis.web server with multiple processes (shared listening socket)00:00
prologicso it scales by default00:00
prologicbenchmarks have put circuits.web (remember it's all pure Python) on a FreeBSD box at over 8k req/s (raw benchmark)00:01
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pdurbinblocking in their very nature00:59
pdurbin"Bottle is a WSGI framework and shares the synchronous nature of WSGI, but thanks to the awesome gevent project, it is still possible to write asynchronous applications with bottle."
prologiccircuits.web just gives you all that for free01:06
prologicno monkey patching of the std. lib required01:06
prologicgevent monkey patches time.sleep, socket.socekt01:06
prologicand various other std. lib modules01:06
prologicand I believe it uses greenlet under the hood01:06
prologicwhich is a C-extension01:06
prologicso bottle + gevent requires a C compiler to intall and get working01:06
prologicwhereas (comparatively) circuits.web just works out of the box with standard stock Python :)01:07
prologicif you want even faster performance01:07
prologicinstall PyPy + circuits01:07
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prologichi techdragon01:25
pdurbinso when, if ever, is Python's global interpreter lock (the GIL) a problem?01:32
prologiconly when you're doing CPU bound work01:37
prologicusing multi-threading01:37
prologicwhich aren't real OS threads (they don't use multiple cores)01:37
prologicmost of this behavior however has changed in PyPy-STM01:37
prologicso not only has the GIL gone away in PyPy-STM01:38
prologicbut it automatically uses multiple cores01:38
pdurbinah, so it uses STM like Clojure:
pdurbinI'm looking at now. Seems pretty new.01:49
prologicas in Software Transactional Memory01:53
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pdurbinprologic: sorry, netsplit, I think02:23
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prologicprologic> as in Software Transactional Memory05:22
prologic* ChanServ gives voice to pdurbin05:22
prologic<pdurbin> prologic: sorry, netsplit, I think05:22
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pdurbinright, Software Transactional Memory is what Clojure uses12:29
prologicAs does PyPy STM12:31
prologichopefully soon to be a part of mainline PyPy12:31
prologicexciting stuff :)12:31
pdurbinyeah, I had no idea this was coming to Python12:32
pdurbinprologic: ok, so if Circuits is all about being non-blocking, how do you feel about node.js?12:36
prologicNode JS would be fine if it wasn't JS :)12:37
prologicThe AOP nature of the V8 interpreter/compiler however is rather impressive12:37
prologicThe semantics of JS itself however are rather poor and I would not code anything important in Node JS12:37
pdurbinaspect oriented programming? I've never heard V8 described this way.12:39
prologicAhead of Time12:42
prologicas opposed to JIT12:42
prologicV8 compiles the .js ahead of time nito native code12:42
prologicbefore execution12:42
prologicit does this blindly fast though12:42
pdurbinoh, you meant AOT12:42
prologicyes :)12:42
prologicwhat did I say?12:42
prologicyeah AOT12:42
prologicnot AOP :P12:42
prologicgetting late :)12:42
pdurbinwe're just waking up here12:43
prologicSat Nov 22 22:45:20 AEST 201412:43
prologicgonna go to bed as soon as I get this crux/bitlbee docker image working12:43
prologicand published to the hub12:43
pdurbinok, please remind to talk about what Erlang people say about concurrency programming in node.js. Actually, maybe you can join me in #sourcefu some day: http://sourcefu.com12:45
pdurbinprologic: ^^12:45
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