IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2014-12-16

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borntypingoh! hai robert_00:42
robert_I was going to say that I thought I found something amiss in colorlog, but nevermind. :p00:42
robert_how's it going? :D00:44
borntyping*blinks* somewhat suprised at getting recognised on irc :P00:45
robert_I always /whois people who'se projects I use.00:50
robert_Half the time, it's "Aww, damn. Oh well."00:50
borntypingrobert_: what do you use it for?00:55
robert_debugging a django app. I was just throwing together a log decorator that I can use to figure out who called what, so I don't get a bunch of "my_logging_func:  my_log_line" :p00:57
borntypingI know a lot of people seem to use it, but I rarely get to ask about it00:58
robert_I can pastebin what I threw together if you like. :D01:04
borntypingrobert_: that's be cool, thanks :)01:16
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prologiceven'n all08:24
prologicoh there's activity in our midst :)08:24
prologichi :)08:24
prologichi borntyping08:24
prologichi robert_08:24
prologicwhat'd I miss?08:24
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borntypingprologic: not much :) robert_ brought me out of lurking by noticing I wrote something they were using18:56
prologicborntyping, ahh20:43
prologicwell welcome to circuits :)20:43
robert_borntyping: he* :p21:45
robert_prologic: I'm potentially going to get to see the premire screening of The Hobbit tonight.21:45
prologicoh nice22:25
borntypingprologic: ty :) I've been lurking for a while, keep meaning to ask about how curcuits actually works22:59
prologicask away :)23:21
prologicit's not too hard to grasp23:21
pdurbinit's all about events, right?23:23
borntypingSo I got a decent grasp of how the API worked last I looked at it, but what I'm not sure on is how the async parts are actually implemented23:23
prologicthe async i/o parts are implements as events too23:47
prologicthey're just another set of components23:47
prologicthe same as everything else23:47
prologicso you can actually swap out the poller components for your own23:47
prologicperhaps an asyncio or libevent poller23:47
prologicas long as it reacts to and exposes the same kind of events23:48
prologicthe socket components within circuits will work just fine23:48
prologicI think a poller needs to expose _read and _write events23:48
prologicthat's abut it I think23:48
borntypingI might be asking a stupid question - circuits is single-threaded normally, and concurrency is a side-effect of the event system?23:57
prologicAs you're probably well aware23:58
prologicCPU bound work should always be done in procesesse in Python23:58
prologicbecause of the GIL23:58
prologicso circuits provides Worker for this23:58
borntypingthat makes a lot more sense now :) I wasn't sure and couldn't work that out from reading the code23:58
prologicaside from that - yes23:58
prologiceverything is event-driven23:59

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