IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2014-12-17

borntypingso specific components might do IO outside of the process - I guess by starting threads when they recive an event and creating an event when the thread ends?00:01
prologicI wrap around the docker-py client this way00:06
prologicsince it doesn't play nice with async libraries/frameworks00:06
prologicI just run the docker client in a thread and translate it's events to circuits00:06
borntypinghuh, that seems nice and simple00:14
prologicit is00:15
borntypingNow to try and refresh my understanding of the events system :)00:19
borntyping(It's been a while since I last properly looked a curcuits)00:19
robert_prologic: woot, it was really nice!02:43
prologiccool :)02:50
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