IRC Logs for #circuits Monday, 2014-12-29

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prologicwho here has used circuits to create a server that binds to both ipv4 and ipv6?10:12
rioti would try that, but with zmq (if it is possible)11:26
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prologicoh hi riot13:43
prologicyeah I figured it out anyway :)13:43
prologicturns out circuits can support such a use-case :)13:43
prologicavailable on IPv4 and IPv6 :)13:43
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riotprologic: good to know. I'm evaluating circuits for use as HFOS backend14:22
riotwe'll do mesh networking with it, if everything else works out.14:23
riotbut i'm still doing work on a demonstrator project to check all this.14:23
prologicin that case welcome :)14:24
prologicI'm James Mills - the author :)14:24
riotoh, cool :) nice to meet you14:24
prologicwhat's tripping you up?14:24
prologicif you want an event to go to a specific compoent14:25
rioti'm unsure.. gotta experiment a bit more, probably my own fault *g*14:25
prologicgive it a channel14:25
prologicand fire the event at that channel14:25
prologicyeah nps :)14:25
riotthe demo app i'm building is a vjing tool for a 40x16 px display :)14:25
prologicfrom my experience it can take a bit getting used to14:25
prologicbut once it *clicks* it all makes sense14:25
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rioti am heavily into flow based programming and come from there.14:26
prologichey koobs :)14:26
riotand i think it is well possible to do that with circuits *g*14:26
prologicyeah similar concept(s)14:26
prologicthe way circuits is designed you can build anything with it really14:27
prologicand model other concurrency models on top of it too14:27
prologicbut it's event/message bus is quite powerful as it is14:27
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