IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2015-01-15

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prologicthat's just plain weird02:55
prologicthere's only one instance on the server02:55
prologicbut there's 3 nicks here?02:55
pdurbinwow. 3 now02:55
pdurbinit's like Calvin's duplicator02:56
prologicbut it's logging now02:56
prologicI dunno where the other two are coming from02:56
prologicor why they're still here02:56
prologicoh good lord02:57
prologicthanks for making me check02:57
prologicthose other two are someone else's instances02:57
prologicrunning from an Amazon AMI02:57
prologicso someone is using my software to log their channels02:57
prologicand didn't change the default configuration :)02:57
prologicso looks like we haven't been logging stuff for a few days02:58
pdurbinsomehow we'll survive this02:58
prologicin fact I'm not even sure how to contact the person running them02:58
prologicthey're coming from teh same ip02:59
prologicfrom Amazon's cloud02:59
pdurbinmaybe you could ask them for the missing logs :)02:59
prologicunless it's me :)02:59
prologicI was playing with Tutum's PaaS a while ago02:59
prologicand they were running their platform off Amazon03:00
prologicI probably could get the missing logs - yes03:00
prologicand rsync them over03:00
prologicbut running two bots simultaneously is a good idea in general03:00
prologicI plan to do that to counter netsplits03:00
pdurbinyou take your logging seriously :)03:05
prologicabsolutely ;003:12
prologichave you seen the code behind irclogger?03:12
prologicit's rock solid and simple as :)03:12
prologicI used it to blog about circuits with a tutorial-style blog article03:13
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pdurbinI haven't but now I must sleep. zzzzzzzzzz03:17
prologicg'night :)03:18
prologichi robert_03:18
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prologichi ablest198004:30
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Worksterbye ablest198005:28
Worksterenough irclogger_.* loggers?05:29
Worksteroh your on different servers to catch netsplits05:30
prologicwell that's the idea anyway07:23
prologicbut not quite there yet07:23
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Romsteri see08:15
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