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riothmm, i was optimistic while implementing midi input, that seemed to work reasonably well. but now i've glued together some more components like opencv and first tests result in _awfully_ slow performance. I admit, this is probably caused partially by my ignorance (i'm pretty new to circuits ;)..18:54
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prologichi riot19:47
prologicyou'll have to explain a bit more about what you're doing19:47
prologicif you're doing CPU-bound work; you'll ned to do this and palm it off to worker processes19:48
prologicotherwise you'll block and tie up th emain process where circuits is processing events19:48
prologicremember that circuits is designed to be asynchronous and typically runs in a single process (at least the main event loop)19:49
riotworker processes?20:23
riothmm. I could clean up the code and upload it to github, or as gist20:24
rioti do opencv camera capture (which itself takes some resources) and furtheron need to do quite many modifications to the resulting image matrix20:25
riotthis needs to be done threaded but e.g. in the right order (we're talking about video here ;)20:25
riotin essence it is kind of a VJ tool20:25
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