IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2015-02-24

prologicI think that's what riot here is building with circuits.web00:00
prologicone other aspect I guess too that's important00:00
prologicis that the level of abstraction and high indirection of Django is impaortnt to consider00:01
prologicit's quite high really00:01
prologicso don't expect to fully undestand what it does internally00:01
prologicthe stack traces get quite big when things go wrong00:01
prologicbut at least it's not as bad as Zope/Plone00:01
prologicthat's far worse00:01
riotprologic: aah, no, my app runs on a local server with local wifi (and mesh) and distributes an angular frontend00:01
prologiccomplexity is a bitch00:01
prologicriot: ahh nice :)00:02
prologicriot: you must blog about it for us00:02
prologicget a bit more exposure to circuits :)00:02
rioti will, rest assured, once i got the stuff sorted for 1.0 i will publish all the files and GO BIG.00:02
prologicnice :)00:02
riotyou know ccc camp? i aim for a final 1.1 presentation there00:03
prologicmaybe we'll see a few new develoeprs this year00:03
prologicmaybe even you? :)00:03
prologicwe need to fix up a few things, do some tidying up and push our a new release00:03
prologicccc camp? no00:03
riotit works far better than the framework i started to adopt and extend (axon+kamaelia -> cape)00:03
riotbiggest european hacker meetup in summer:
prologicahh very nice00:04
prologicwe've had a few really good devs from EU hack on circuits and contribute00:04
riotn8 :)00:07
riot(django sucks, it is not at ALL suitable for iot or remote controlling robots ;)00:07
pdurbinprologic: anyway, if you write up that comparison, please let me know!00:11
prologicsure :)00:14
pdurbinmeanwhile, we seem to be picking this up at :)00:18
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riotmmmmhmm. i wrote myself a basic login/auth component that checks back against users in a database23:44
riotand adds auth info to the corresponding websockets23:44
prologiccool :)23:53
prologicmaybe some of the components you've built could be published too23:53
prologicwe have circuits.contrib as a place for that23:53
prologicbut we could also start o see more circuits-<blah> packages published separately to pypi23:54

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