IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2015-02-26

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pdurbinprologic: sorry, will bounce an idea off you next time :)01:53
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y0noping prologic11:25
y0noprologic: I think that Daemon + Worker don't work together, when i daemonize my script, the worker doesn't return any result. oO11:27
prologicsame issue here on another project of mine11:28
prologicI don't think it's a bug in circuits11:28
prologicI've done lots of reading on the subject11:28
y0no just a little gist with PoC11:28
prologicI think it's some issue with multiprocessing and subprocess11:29
prologicahh yeap11:29
prologicreckon we can figure out a way to solve this somehow?11:29
prologicit may not be possible though11:29
prologicbecause we're trying to spawn grand children processes11:29
prologicfrom what I've read11:29
prologicat least in my case11:29
prologicI believe I even rewrite a new Daemon component in my other ptoject11:30
prologicto try and resolve the sisue11:30
prologicbut it didn't11:30
prologicdo you want to try it on yours?11:30
y0noprologic: thanks I will try it11:32
prologicnot sure if it'll help though11:32
prologicbut it is a much improved Daemon component11:32
prologicI should shove it back into soon11:33
prologicremind me :)11:33
prologicanyway talk tomorrow off to bed11:33
y0noprologic: your class seems to resolve the issue13:12
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prologicy0no: oh fantastic :)21:51
prologicI'll make a PR to circuits then21:51
prologicbut it doesn't resolve my issue :) haha21:51
prologicgrand children processes21:51
prologicin a daemon grand parent21:51
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