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riotprologic: and then have a component that doesn't work via events but direct function call that manages the workers? I need database access in a few technically separate components14:10
riotmotor? hmm, gonna check it out14:11
riotprologic: i'm eyeing at this:
riotsomeone already added functionality that adds save, fine_one etc methods to the resulting objects, but apparently the thing doesn't thread. i'm thinking of combining them with my working threaded pymongo-based circuits component18:53
riotbecause i really would love to have jsonschema + angular-schemaform + mongodb, that would cover complete validation and database needs18:54
riotand migration should be easily addable afterwards18:54
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prologicriot, I think you would just access the db directly20:59
prologicvia mongo's api20:59
prologicor sqlalchemcy20:59
prologicor whatever20:59
prologicbut use whatever threadpool'ing they have20:59
prologicwhich will work fina in conjunction with circuits20:59
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riotprologic: i hope you're right. otherwise, i think i have it set up, so i can add threading later.22:45
rioti now have json schema validation and the schemas arrive along the data in my web frontend :)22:45
rioton to schema based form building =)22:45
prologicit'll be fine :)22:47
prologicalso re accessing methods directly on a componnet22:47
prologicwhilst you can do this22:47
prologicthis breaks loose coupling22:47
prologicbecause all of a sudden your accessee has ot know about the other component22:47
prologicso try to keep your interfaces to "events" :)22:47
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