IRC Logs for #circuits Sunday, 2015-03-08

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riotprologic: if you'd like to have a look, the project is prospering quite some:
pdurbinriot: intersting use of the issue tracker of an empty GitHub repo as a forum:
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riotheh, yeah =)17:15
riotdoesn't really work though, or better: the community needs moar attracting17:16
rioti hope to spark enough interest with the 1.017:16
riotbecause other people might start yelling uncomfortably and then drop their work annoyed, because mine will apparently just be better..17:16
riot(or so i hope)17:16
pdurbinriot: oh, I see. all the issues have been opened by you17:47
pdurbin is pretty interesting. Frustrating from my phone fun from a browser. via Understanding sailing - by playing! · Issue #9 · Hackerfleet/discussion -
pdurbinfun from a desktop browser I mean17:50
pdurbinit would be much better if you could control it with arrow keys18:27
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prologicriot, thanks I'll definitely have a look!20:18
riotyay, the schema-in-schema validation and stuff works out of the box.20:43
rioti can heavily reuse all my datatypes and get nice forms.. yay20:43
riotand all with mongo orm support in20:44
riotthis really is powerful shit =)20:44
prologicriot: nice :)21:34
prologicyou must publish, blog a simplified version of this21:34
prologicthat we can see how useful it is :)21:34
prologicI've wanted to get web forms autogenerated from schemas like this21:35
prologicpreferably JSON Schema21:35
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