IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2015-03-12

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pinkmuffinerethis channel seems pretty quiet, but I'm hoping somebody can help me10:14
pinkmuffinereI want to build some RC thing from the base up10:14
Romsteroh it may be quiet but we lurk around.10:14
Romsterprologic, ^10:15
pinkmuffinerehopefully starting from circuits. I don't know how to start.10:15
pinkmuffinereoh lol10:15
Romsterhe should see shortly10:15
Romsteri haven't played with circuits nearly enough.10:15
pinkmuffinerewhat kinds of things do you do?10:18
prologicthanks Romster :)10:21
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prologicpinkmuffinere, circuits the Python application framework right?10:21
prologicjust checking you're in the right place :)10:21
pinkmuffinerenot in the right place i think10:22
pinkmuffineresorry, should have read the description10:22
prologicI think you want ##electronics10:23
pinkmuffinereawesome, thanks10:23
Romsternp prologic10:23
Romsteroh i thought you were after the framework.10:24
Romsteractually makes it ##electronics than #electronics10:26
*** pinkmuffinere has left #circuits ("Leaving")10:37
riothmm. i'll actually be using circuits to run a few RC systems :)12:19
riota ship and a deltawing12:19
riotand whatnot i can muster up (i have those two)12:20
riotthe ships pretty darn fast, 4kW engine on 1.30m boat ;) (i suspect the wing will be, too, with the planned 800 W engine)12:20
prologiccircuits as in the framework?12:37
riotremote control via beaglebone black and wifi12:38
prologicvery nice12:38
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