IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2015-03-17

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riotdoes anyone have a recipe to modularize circuits-apps? i.e. i want to split out/develop some functionality in another optional repository, like a plugin..19:54
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prologicsadly no :)20:20
prologicbut feel free to improve upon this20:20
prologicI *thought* about adding plugin support to circuits itself20:20
prologicbut so far we haven't20:21
prologicbecause there are many "good" plugin libraries out there20:21
prologicwhich would/will work perfectly with circuits20:21
prologici.e: setup some plugin entrypoints ala setuptools20:21
prologicuse any of the good setuptools plugin loaders20:21
prologicand voila20:21
riotyeah, been there, done that. hmm.20:21
rioti'll try to come up with something. Its not so important, but i'm thinking of making a game based on the platform i now have20:22
riotjust for the lulz20:22
prologicsure thing20:22
prologicI mean we do have circuits.core.loader20:22
prologicbut it's pretty rudimentary20:22
prologicso if you improve it to add more general plugin support20:22
prologicsay via setuptools entrypoints20:23
prologicwe'll accept such a PR20:23
prologicthen the recipe is as simple as20:23
prologica. define some entrypoints20:23
prologicb. use circuits.Loader()20:23

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