IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2015-03-18

prologicAny others00:01
prologicCan one or more of you ask a few q's on stackoverflow00:01
prologicI have new motivation to build a stronger circuits community00:01
prologicand get some more momentum going00:01
prologicPlease :)00:01
prologicOnce a few q's are posted, I'll write up a descirption for the newly created tag00:02
prologicuse "circuits"00:02
prologicRomster that includes you too :)00:07
prologicand you pdurbin :)00:07
prologicany any other activeish lurkers :)00:07
prologicrobert_ spaceone Zimsky koobs00:08
prologicI know you're all not bots :) haha00:08
prologicgreatly appreciate the help here in kick starting this00:08
koobsnot all bots00:11
koobsthat is correct00:12
prologicthanks koobs00:12
pdurbinLyndsySimon: you might be into this community building stuff00:21
pdurbinprologic: I should probably use circuits for somethin' :)00:21
pdurbinmaybe an IRC bot. I dunno00:22
pdurbinprologic: are there any project websites you're particularly inspired by?00:23
prologicDjango is really nice00:27
prologicas is the new Twisted website00:27
prologicI think they're customized Twitter-based looks tbh00:27
prologicbut look good00:27
prologicAlso re using circuits00:27
prologicHow about using it for something at your workplace for a real problem?00:27
prologicMaybe as a quick distributed event-based prototype to do some processing?00:27
prologicOr Jython + circuits as a way to provide plugins to your Java apps for users?00:28
prologicin a nice component event-driven way00:28
pdurbinprologic: I will think on this.00:31
robert_lol, since when am I a bot?00:32
prologicrobert_ good so you're around :)00:32
prologicsee scrollback :)00:32
prologicSo along with building a better/stornger community00:34
prologicI'm going to start offering premiums/paid support/services00:34
robert_Oh, nice.00:34
prologicIt'll probably be a bit to set that up, but hopefully I'll have it setup over the next week00:34
pdurbinprologic: everything cool? you didn't get downsized, did you?00:36
prologicno no :)00:38
prologiceverything's cool00:38
pdurbingood :)00:38
prologicour boss is actually leaving in ~6-7weeks and helped to motivate me towards this effort. I mean "why not" right? :)00:38
pdurbinwhy not00:38
pdurbinprologic: in what ways does to community communicate now? IRC obviously. Other ways?00:39
prologicWe have a Google Groups mailing list00:43
prologicthere is also circuits-dev@googlegroups.com00:43
prologicI'd love it if folks started posting questions to stackoverflow.com00:43
prologicso that we can build a bit of a a community there too00:44
pdurbinmoving to github issues (as you suggested) is a good move too00:44
pdurbinyou should just host the code there too so you get nice issue/code integration00:44
prologicThere's also a Google+ community at
prologicNot sure we can get a better URI for that00:46
prologicpdurbin: You really think so?00:46
prologicI'm tending to like the Github UI a lot these days and kind have gotten used ot Git a fair bit too (out of a lack of choice)00:46
prologicalso wrt ValLinux as well00:46
prologicSo I tend to agree that moving the project management to Github would be a good idea00:47
pdurbinoh, right. you're using hg00:47
prologicnow that I've also reclaimed the account name "prologic" on Github00:47
prologicit's an even better idea00:47
prologicNo. we have the source code on Github too00:47
pdurbinif you want community involvement I'd get on github00:47
prologicas Git00:47
prologicit's already there00:47
pdurbinok, good00:47
pdurbinthe first thing my team had me do was migrate us from sourceforge (svn) to github00:48
prologicVote on this :)00:49
prologicYama: we need your help too :)00:51
prologicYama|Off: see ^^^00:51
pdurbinprologic: have you turned on the more forum-like features of the google group?00:56
pdurbinit's kind of nice, you can mark a thread "answered" or whatever00:57
prologicNo I don't think I have00:57
prologicwasn't aware of such a feature :)00:57
prologicahh right00:57
prologicI'll look into that00:57
prologicping me about this in ~12hrs or so when I'm homne :)00:57
pdurbincan tag questions, etc00:57
prologicI'm sure it's a "flick of a switch" thing :)00:57
prologicahh nice00:57
prologicala stackoverflow style of sorts ?00:58
pdurbinright. could tag stuff with "installation" or whatever00:58
pdurbinoh, and let's get circuits listed at http://openhatch.org00:59
prologicahh great idea :)01:01
prologicIs that something you can do?01:01
prologicOr should i?01:01
prologicjust quickly had a look at Google+ community settings01:03
prologicEdit Community01:04
prologicI see:01:04
prologicAdd Category01:04
prologicis this what you're preferring to?01:04
pdurbinprologic: no, no I mean your google *group* ... the mailing list. these days you can enable some forum features01:04
pdurbinprologic: I can help with openhatch but let's wait until they fix this: Github Project issues not seen by openhatch · Issue #1515 · openhatch/oh-mainline -
prologicgotcha :)01:05
prologicI love that my username is @prologic on GH now :)01:07
prologictoo bad about all the @therealprologic posts and links and what not01:07
prologicoh well :)01:07
pdurbinit's worth it01:07
prologicI think I've used this alias even before the Itnernet becamse a real thing01:08
prologicjust about01:08
pdurbinoh, cc'ed yourself on that issue01:11
pdurbinprologic: you can just click "subscribe" you know :)01:12
pdurbinreminds me of this feature I want:
Romstersome have thought i was a bot.01:19
prologicpdurbin: I know :)01:20
prologicBut I've seen that convention used01:20
prologicand it seems to be socially acceptable :)01:20
prologicyeah count of subscribers easy01:21
prologicget all comments for issue01:21
prologicgrep for /cc @01:21
prologicdone :)01:21
prologicsee how simple things can be :)01:21
prologicAlso thinking (just went out to grab lunch)01:21
prologicPerhaps I should start an Indiegogo fund raiser01:21
pdurbinprologic: at least you're keeping that issue at the top of the01:21
prologicto help rebuild the website(s)01:21
prologicperhaps a stretch goal could be to pay a designer to redo teh logo01:21
pdurbin... most commented "sort by"
prologicyeah lol01:22
prologicI think that's why folks do that01:22
pdurbinprologic: oooo, if you need a designer... http://opensourcedesign.net01:22
prologicso it essentually bubmps the issue up01:22
prologicsweet as :)01:22
prologicso what01:23
prologicpost a job to the open jobboard there?01:23
pdurbinI've only been in their channel for week. Not sure. I don't have a great feel for the place yet.01:24
prologicI'll check that out tonight at home too\01:24
prologicalong with the google groups forum feature01:24
prologicremind me k? :)01:24
pdurbinprologic: you should read this: What we want to achieve with Open Source Design "Open Source Design is an… -
prologicAlso @Romster -- I plan to build infrastructure/services for ValLInux using circuits itself01:24
prologicas much as possible wher eit makes sense01:25
pdurbinprologic: I'll send you a link to the logs. which you log with your bot :)01:25
prologicthanks that'll do nicely :)01:25
prologicwhich kind of remind me too01:25
prologicI really should improve the logging bot/service I created01:25
prologicwhich logs quite a few channels now01:25
prologicmaybe even build a mini self-service web ui for it01:26
prologicanother way to promote circuits really01:26
pdurbinnow that might be a nice side project for me01:26
prologicthen blog about it01:26
prologicif you picked that up01:26
prologicthat would be fantastic :)01:26
prologicreally it would01:26
prologiclittle web ui, self service thingy01:26
prologicbetter log viewer/seraching01:26
prologicand for kickers01:26
prologicdistributed logging01:27
prologicconnect to multiple servers for instance01:27
prologicsince it's all event-driven01:27
prologicyou can simply discard the same event you've seen before01:27
pdurbincould add some fun d3 viz like this: :)01:27
prologicand keep an LRU cache of "seen events"01:27
prologicplease pick that up :)01:27
prologicI'll even create a repo in for you if you like01:28
prologicwith the code that runs now ready to hack on :)01:28
pdurbinprologic: at least create the repo. it'll motivate me to install circuits :)01:28
prologicThis is when I originally wrote irclogger and blogged about it01:29
prologicWhat's your GH username?01:30
Romsterprologic, where do i submit feature requests for irclogger?01:30
prologicI should have guessed :)01:32
prologicI added you to the org01:32
prologicas a Developer01:32
prologicyou should have write access to all repos01:32
prologicI'll publish the code that exists for it now there tonight when I get home01:33
prologicand make sure it has been ported to circuits 3.101:33
prologicI'm at work :)01:33
prologicI can't do everything right now01:33
Romsterbut i can make a feature request on it.01:33
prologicgot for it01:34
prologicIssue tracker can be used without code commits01:34
pdurbinprologic: oh, the other thing I might want to do with circuits is replace the ruby I barfed up at that updates http://podcasts.greptilian.com01:41
pdurbinterrible, terrible code hacked together quickly01:41
prologiclovely use-case for circuits01:41
prologicwhat trigers the update?01:41
prologicugly as sin :)01:42
prologicjust a timed event?01:42
pdurbindon't look!01:42
prologicahh right01:42
prologiccan it be more precise than that?01:42
prologicbased on some external event?01:42
pdurbinI just check every night for new podcasts 'cause I'm lazy.01:43
pdurbinI just want the "latest" button to have new data as of last night01:44
prologicfrom an upstream http/rss source?01:44
pdurbinfrom a list of rss feeds01:44
pdurbini export the list of rss feeds from my android app every once in a while01:45
pdurbinthe android podcast app I use:
pdurbinanyway, might be an easier onramp to circuits for me. I'm actually not very good at building GUIs01:46
pdurbin(though I should try to get better)01:47
prologicno me neither01:52
prologicdon't worry about the irclogger gui side of things01:52
prologicbut the issue Romster raised is a godo one01:52
prologicand distributed logging is another good once (not logged yet)01:52
prologicthe whole distributed feature would help to circumvent network split issues I think01:53
prologicby being on several or more servers01:53
Romsteroh yes i did mention that ages ago to distribute it.01:53
prologictechnically I'm actually speaking here of just two or more concurrent connections01:53
Romstermerge logs between them all time stamp sync so the ordering is correct.01:53
prologicfrom teh same host01:53
prologicbut we *can* truely distribute ti too01:53
Romsterto different irc servers01:54
prologicespeically with the recent improvements in circuits.node that a few users/devs have made recently01:54
prologicWhat do you think of this?02:20
prologicJust came cross it just now actually02:20
prologicsince it has only a "python" tag I didn't see it02:20
prologicI've edited it and added a "circuits" tag02:20
prologicthinking of answering this though (even though it's a bit late)02:20
prologictrying to decipher what the OP's intent here is02:20
prologicI've tried to answer it :)02:30
prologicJust discovered SatckOverflow won't let me create the tag "circuits"02:39
prologicbecause "circuit" already exists02:39
prologicShould we just go with "pythoncircuits" or "circuits-framework" ?02:40
prologicI think it would be useful to collect a list of recent projects created using circuits02:52
prologicriot: That means you :)02:52
prologicAnd I can include cgod in that list too02:52
prologicIf we can find/discover any others that would be awesome :)02:52
Romsterprologic, i'd like to use circuits with docker and fire off events to build packages.07:37
Romsteractaully i'd like to five off an event to bump the version and rebuild in docker.07:37
spaceonefinally github ^^;)07:42
Romsterugh github seems ok but i don't like putting my eggs pimarly on jsut github. like hosting my own repositories and just git push github07:47
Romsterbe like another freshmeat google code, other sites that have closed. got github eons later.07:49
prologicspaceone, haha :)08:34
prologicspaceone, glad to see you around here :)08:34
prologicspaceone, we'd really like your help going forward08:35
prologicI think you're invaluable to circuits with your security auditing and rfc compliance skills08:35
pdurbinprologic: good choice with "circuits-framework" as the tag10:25
*** Romster has quit IRC11:02
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prologicpdurbin, yeah I think so too :)12:23
prologicg'night :)12:23
riotprologic: can't access the issues, interestingly. even after registering a bitbucket account13:05
riotprologic: but, yeah, you want to make sure, the framework doesn'13:06
riott go the way of Axon/Kamaela13:06
riotand they even participated in a few GSoCs.. scary, i studied how the project died, even tried to fight it (thus we have repos of both on our hackerfleet-github, with a few fixes)13:07
riotprologic: my, you've got some wild forkery going on at github =)13:11
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prologicriot, we've moved to Github :)20:38
prologicdon't worry :)20:38
rioteven though i like mercurial more, i appreciate that.21:12
prologicI do too21:50
prologicbut Github is where the people are I think21:50
prologicin OSS anyway21:50
riotyes, its quite a collaborative hub22:02
riotand PR can be done inline, which is quite sleek22:02
riotlike, click the bad code, fix it, click "store" and a fork+PR is done. That, i find quite impressive.22:02
prologicthere are a few nice/impressive features23:09
prologicI do agree23:09
prologicI was always a bit hesitent to go to Github myself23:09
prologicand Git is a PITA to wrap your head around from the CLI23:09
prologicnot as intuiative as Mercurial's hg :)23:10
prologicbut we need to move forward I think23:10
pdurbinit's for the best23:43

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