IRC Logs for #circuits Thursday, 2015-03-19

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ninkotech_prologic: if you find git hard, try tig.  its really nice ncurses ui for git... simple and nice10:01
ninkotech_git is not that hard, it just takes some time to get used to it10:02
prologichi ninkotech_10:02
prologicyeah I've gotten used to most of it's nuances :)10:03
pdurbinThe only thing I've done with hg is clone. It was easy! :)10:16
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prologichello my_chiguai23:51
my_chiguaihello prologic23:52
my_chiguaiI need to check out what's happened with circuit recently.23:52
my_chiguaiIt's been a while23:52
prologicmost recently we're rebuilding the community23:53
prologicmoving to github23:53
prologicrebuilding the website23:53
prologicand at some point soon I'll be offering commercial premium support services23:54
prologicI think that's the TL;DR23:54
prologicand wb nice to see you again :)23:55

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