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rioti'd really love to have a visual (web) circuits editor (integratable in an app), where users can plumb/wire their own components to do simple tasks (like if-this-then-that or a bit more)13:00
riothas anyone done something like that?13:01
riot ;)13:01
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kwmiebachHi :) how can a webserver that I started with .run() stop itself? I am now using sys.exit() but is there a nicer way?15:09
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riotRuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded while getting the repr of a tuple21:48
riotThis is _REALLY_ getting in my way.21:49
rioti know that exception handling is a hard task, esp. in coroutines stuff, but that is just, i can't see the error! Its like playing blackbox - and i _hate_ that game.21:50
riotthe weirdest thing is, the code that causes this is def eventhandler(self, event): pass21:50

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