IRC Logs for #circuits Wednesday, 2015-04-08

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prologichi all01:52
prologicsorry playing catch up atm01:52
prologicbeen away for 4 days in the US01:52
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Guest73470spaceone, I don't understand what you're trying to achieve with this code? What are you wanting to override per se?20:32
Guest73470riot> i'd really love to have a visual (web) circuits editor (integratable in an app), where users can plumb/wire their own components to do simple tasks (like if-this-then-that or a bit more) <-- this would be awesome :) Let's do it! It's one of circuits long-term goals actually :)20:33
Guest73470kwmiebach> Hi :) how can a webserver that I started with .run() stop itself? I am now using sys.exit() but is there a nicer way? <--
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prologicriot, re exception handling20:35
prologicriot, let's try to fix some of your annoyances20:35
prologicI sometimes run into them myself20:35
prologicso it'd be good if we can make that a bit more robust20:35
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riotokay, the last one was, because i inherited wrongly and gave bad arguments (in effect)23:25
riotso instead of a complex event, my handler received only its dict as *args - it wasn't expecting that23:25
riottuple unpacking thus failed.23:25

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