IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2015-04-14

prologicriot: how's your project coming along?00:43
prologicWhen is that EU conf again?00:43
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prologicehlo green103:45
green1hi prologic03:57
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riotprologic: coming along nicely.18:06
riotthough i think,after the 1.0 beta release i'll have to check on the ORM system again, it allows weird stuff to validate, but i think that is actually just misuse of the jsonschema-package..18:07
prologicriot, sure no probs20:35
prologicriot, I look forward to your presentation; when is it again?20:36
prologicriot, I'm also very keen to hear what idea you might have to improve any nuances you might have come across using circuits in your app20:36
rioti think,the 1.0 would be a bit early for that ;)21:42
riotthe recursive stack-throwing exceptions are the most annoying stuff, right now, since i still don't have a good means to catch/debug these21:42
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prologicI've been thinking about that actually22:48
prologichow do you think we could solve it?22:48
prologicbasically in effect I believe it's caused by infinite event loops22:48
prologicwhere one event causes anotehr to trigger and the first to re-trigger22:49
prologicin the case of excpetions you can see how that oculd happen22:49
prologicobviously you won't blow the stack because of the way circuits is designed22:49
prologicbut you do end up with infinite event loops22:49
prologicis that your assessment as well?22:49

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