IRC Logs for #circuits Saturday, 2015-04-18

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prologicwe have some core I/O events in that conflict with some builtins :)09:40
prologice.g: open()09:40
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pdurbinso you renamed them to _open11:06
riotoh, hmm:
riotasync def read_data(db):11:33
riot    data = await db.fetch('SELECT ...')11:33
riotthis looks nice.. didn't know await expressions, yet.11:33
riotah, oh, still a draft11:35
riotoup, interesting name:
prologicpdurbin, looks like we did that ages ago12:19
prologicit caught me though recently12:19
prologicdidn't realized we had :)12:19
prologicriot, haha12:20
prologicthat looks like C# syntax12:20
prologicI doubt that'll get accepted at all12:20
prologicbecause it significantly changes Python grammar12:20
riotyeah, the async def foobar() look kinda weird12:33
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prologicit'll get rejected quickly I think13:16
prologicPython itself is powerful enough to let frameworks and users do things like13:16
prologicdef foo(...):13:16
prologicso as not to break the grammar13:16
prologicwe don't do this in circuits because circuits is all about components13:17
prologicasync is a side effect of "poller" components that deal with I/O :)13:17
rioterm. i just realize, gpg can handle streams..!? like, WUT?15:13
riotre: @async - he specifically argues against decorators and has a few other good points, but generally i agree, it deforms the language too much and doesn't look SO pythonic at second glance15:13
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prologicI don't agree with any of it23:32
prologicit all sounds very much C#-ish23:32

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