IRC Logs for #circuits Sunday, 2015-04-19

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riotheh, i'm advertizing:
riotand even moar:
prologicriot, oh man that's lovely :)11:10
prologicI never thought for a minute folk would develop such nice systems with circuits11:10
prologicnice one :)11:10
prologicthat's really nicely architected!11:10
prologicI also have to say looking very briefly at your codeb ase11:12
prologicthis is the cleanest I've seen written with circuits11:12
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riotoh, *phew* i was in fear, that i've done something wrong and you'd point it out - didn't expect _that_ ;)11:27
rioti had a strange problem when trying to import matplotlib, though: (comment below)11:31
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prologicriot, hmm11:47
prologicdo me a favour?11:48
prologicjust check that the you have in stie-apckages is from upstream11:48
prologicwe (circuits) integrate our own six variant/fork11:48
prologicbut it should be part of circuits.six11:48
prologicand nowhere else11:48
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prologicdon’t mind me12:03
prologicjust Dockerizing irclogger12:03
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riotah, thats what i suspected, too, an override perhaps? i'll check that13:28
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