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y0noprologic, yep I already use Worker for threaded task but I don't know how to do it has "load balancer"07:24
prologicy0no, no threaded - multiprocess07:40
prologicthreading should be avoided in Python IHMO07:40
prologicunless you're using PyPy with STM07:40
prologicy0no, what are you trying to do here? describe your problem and use-case?07:40
y0noI have a program which process input with a series of event. The problem is that when a lot of data is given to my program the overage of the CPU go really high. So I will be happy if I can do my processes on multiple CPU07:45
y0no(really sorry for my english...)07:45
y0noprologic, I will do a visio to be more explicit07:45
prologicy0no, yeah so sounds like CPU bound work08:00
prologicin which case you want to split out the CPU bound work into "tasks"08:00
prologicor "task functions"08:00
prologicand use Worker(process=True)08:00
prologicand, *args), "worker")08:00
prologickeeping the main process free to do I/O and scheduling08:00
prologicy0no, also are you aware of
prologicit sable to pragmatically display/draw a visual representation of your system as you're building it08:01
prologicpip install networkx (I believe) is the only dependency to use this feature08:02
y0noprologic, the problem is that the "event path" is not the same each time, so I need to define a worker dynamicly to do a load balancing.08:22
y0noI don't know, I will watch it.08:22
prologicI'm not sure what you mean precisely08:53
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