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pdurbinprologic: talk to me about
pdurbinpart of the standard library since Python 3.401:54
pdurbinheard about it at
pdurbinwhere (sadly) circuits was not mentioned when it should have been around 18 minutes in01:55
prologicwhat do you want to know?01:56
prologicI agree :) circuits should be mentioned more in the wider community01:57
prologicwe just need to market it better :) haha01:57
prologicThe TL;DR of AsyncIO is that Guido felt the need to standarize Async I/O in Python in general01:57
prologicand also introduced better coroutines in the process with yield from01:57
prologicnone of this will affect circuits however in the future01:57
prologicsince it _is_ (even right now) trivial to write an asyncio poller for circuits01:58
pdurbinoh. so it's not like someone chooses asyncio over circuits01:58
prologicnot that there would be much to gain at this point01:58
prologicwhat's more interesting for us in the long term is utilizing yield from01:58
prologicyou choose circuits because of it's powerful component and eventing architecture01:58
prologicnot because it happens to do Async I/O too :)01:58
prologicthat's just a side effect of the various poller components that do async i/o01:59
prologicwe (circuits) can quite literally wrap up almost anything in a component01:59
prologicincluding other frameworks :)01:59
prologicwhen it comes down to Async I/O02:00
prologicbasically circuits, asyncio and twisted all share very similar (if not identical) ways of handling async I/O02:00
pdurbinand tornado?02:00
prologicwe liberally borrowed in fact much of Twisted's reactor code when improving the builtin pollers in circuits02:00
prologicso that we woudn't miss any edge cases for various platforms02:01
prologictornado is another async i/o framework from facebook02:01
prologicmore geared towards the web though02:01
prologicsimilar to twisted -- callback style02:01
prologicbut doesn't use zope.interface02:01
prologiccircuits has always been unique in this arena02:02
prologicwe do async i/o but not by design02:02
prologicit's the components and loose coupling architecture that's our differing point02:02
prologiccomponents + events02:02
prologicand the ways you can compose applications02:02
prologichot code loading/reloading02:03
prologicand coroutines02:03
pdurbinok. thanks :)02:04
prologicanything else I can talk about? :)02:07
pdurbinsign me to sleep. it's bedtime02:07
prologicg'night :)02:08
prologicpdurbin: go to sleep :)02:47
pdurbinprologic: I decided to submit a talk before the deadline in a few hours:
prologicfair enough :)02:49
prologicI think I've missed on a talk proposal for PyConAU this year02:49
prologicbit too busy atm02:49
pdurbinme too but oh well :)02:53
prologicsomebody answer this :)05:54
prologicin the context of circuits ofc :)05:54
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FatalNIXHey guys13:28
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treemohi prologic, on reading circuits source code i find an strange condition (i don't know if i not understand or an error). source:
treemops: sorry for my english13:57
spaceone+ if self.result: → do you mean that?13:58
spaceonetreemo: + :ivar result: True if this value has been changed.13:59
treemothe condition check "result" var but the next line "value" is use14:02
treemoif self.result:\n            value = repr(self.value)14:03
spaceoneyes, do you know what self.result is?14:25
spaceoneresult → True if this value has been changed.14:25
treemoha ok14:32
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prologicmiseed them :)19:58
spaceoneopinions abput tornado?21:22
y0noprologic, treemo say to me that all test doesn't pass with merge from master. Do you have executed tests before merging ?21:22
prologicspaceone: none really21:38
prologicy0no: Oh? :)21:38
prologicHaha no I didn't I trusted him to have run the tests on his branch before submitting the PR :)21:38
prologicy0no: File an issue and @treemo in the issue and reference that PR :)21:39
prologicPlease :)21:39
prologicHe should fix the brokenness if it was indeed his PR that broke things :)21:39
y0noOn his branch that was okay but not with the master one21:39
prologicWe need to get CI back up and running :(21:39
prologicI hit the "Merge Pull Request" button21:39
prologicnot sure what happened then21:39
prologicFile an issue anyway :)21:40
prologicWe'll sort it out21:40
y0noI know that he was working on it this afternoon21:40
prologicBut yeah we need to get CI back and running21:40
prologicso we get back to "master always passes"21:40
y0noYep, CI seems to be a good solution =21:44
spaceonethere is some tool which is integrated into github21:46
spaceonebadger/curl is using it21:46
spaceoneevery PR will be tested21:46
spaceoneresult is shown then21:46
y0noYep, Travis and Drone can be connected to github21:47
spaceonethat would be cool21:47
prologicthanks y0no greatly appreciated21:48
prologicspaceone: Travis CI is the tool21:49
y0noprologic, no problem21:49
prologicwe need to get someone (one of us) on that :)21:49
prologicand get it going :)21:49
prologicbut yeah21:49
prologicit tightly integrates with inocming PR(s)21:49
prologicI can at least connect Drone for now21:49
prologicat least we can have CI against Python 2.721:50
y0nothis is a good starting point =)21:51
y0noMaybe it can be good to see where circuits is going no ?21:55
prologicapparently I cannot connect to my github account from drone21:59
prologicI've sent them an email21:59
prologicoh well21:59
prologicy0no: circuits has a bright future ahead of it22:00
prologicas long as we all keep up the momentum that's started recently :)22:00
y0nobut do you have any plan or something like a roadmap ?22:04
spaceonein tornado they yield direct function calls instead of named events22:05
prologicy0no: We do :)22:08
prologicwe did :)22:09
prologicuntil we moved to Bitbucket22:09
prologicwe'll sort it out22:09
prologicbut high level22:09
prologicmore protocols22:09
prologicimproved core componnets22:09
prologicimproved docs22:10
prologicand more frequent releases22:10
prologicalso be good to sort out this namespace thing as well22:10
prologicand encourages more 3rd party plugin componnets22:10
y0nonice =)22:10
spaceonewhich protocols?22:11
prologicahh :)22:11
prologicall of them :)22:11
prologicwe're missing so many common ones22:11
prologicI mentioned this as my talk last year at PyCOnAU22:11
spaceonei saw22:11
prologicunfortunately many protocol libraires just don't exist22:11
prologicand even if they do22:11
prologicthey don't interoperate very well with frameworks22:11
prologicthey make too many assumptions and tightly couple too many things22:12
y0noprologic, if I correctly remember there is still an issue with HTTP protocol :D22:12
prologicI've only found one good protocl library22:12
prologicwhich I wrote udns with22:12
prologicy0no: in what sense?22:12
prologicthe client protocol or server?22:12
y0noprologic, the client, if I'm not wrong, we can't do HEAD requests22:13
prologicy0no: Ahh22:13
y0noI've tried to handle it but my PR broke some tests :D22:13
prologicyes that'll be fixed too22:13
prologicIs there a bug report on GH for this?22:13
spaceoneon github is nothing22:14
prologicy0no: you should file a bug report and try ot fix it :)22:14
prologicspaceone: yes I know of your http work :)22:14
prologicwe should talk more about revamping that side of circuits.web22:14
y0noprologic, currently I'm little busy with treemo to improve circuits.core, but if I have free time I will try to do it.22:15
prologicseriously? :)22:16
y0noYep if it works, circuits will be a little more faster =)22:18
prologicwithout breaking any/much of the existing API and functionality?22:19
prologictell me more :)22:19
prologicI'm excited :)22:19
prologicnot that I find circuits terribly slow at all in my use-cases22:19
prologicand it's on average 10x faster on PyPy :)22:19
prologictreemo should be here on IRC with us22:20
prologicplease encourage him to ujoin if you see hijm next :)22:20
spaceonewtf, i get error(115, 'Operation now in progress') with latest circuits22:20
spaceoneah, wrong import22:21
spaceoneprologic: is there a pastebin which executed python code (having circuits)22:22
y0noprologic, He will be here next week22:22
prologicspaceone: I wish :)22:22
prologiclet me know if you find one that can do such a thing :)22:22
prologicmaybe we can write our own?22:22
prologicand host it somewhere22:22
prologicy0no: awesome sauce :)22:22
y0noI have to go, have a good night|day.22:25
spaceoney0no: regarding your HEAD problem, have a look at:
prologicnps you too y0no22:26
y0noprologic, thx =)22:28
spaceoney0no: also (curl like CLI tool)22:34

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