IRC Logs for #circuits Monday, 2015-05-11

spaceoneokay, nice to know00:24
prologicspaceone: Re your PR00:33
prologicif it still applies I'll merge it00:33
prologicjust giving you an opportunity to comment back :)00:33
spaceonegive me time, i'll adjust the test case tomorrow00:36
spaceoneprologic: typo in your stackoverflow link → log_instnace00:37
spaceonebtw. if you use vim →
prologicnps :)00:39
prologicI do use vim00:40
prologicI'll check that out thansk00:40
prologicoh I think I know of SuperTab00:41
prologictbqh I don't use many IDE-like features in my vim setup00:41
prologicI've not really found that useful to my workflow :)00:42
spaceonewith the plugin you could have prevented that typo in → @prologic | I'll check that out thansk00:42
prologictrue I probably could have00:44
prologicI'll try it out some day maybe tonight :)00:44
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spaceoneprologic_: what do i have to do so that i can execute the circuits pytest?21:54
spaceoneok, executin py.test does work21:58
spaceonepytest *.py does not21:59
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spaceonei added the code style of to my test but the manager is not event started22:05
spaceoneprologic_: does not work with pytest22:12
spaceone prologic_
spaceonewhat is wrong with it???22:16
prologic_spaceone: Just py.test tests23:19
prologic_or fab test23:19
prologic_or python test23:20
prologic_pip install -r requirements-dev.txt23:20
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prologicmanager is started by the test suite in tests.conftest23:21
prologicas a globally available fixture23:21
spaceoneprologic: why is virtualenv required to run the tests?23:38
spaceonei don't want such things.. it should work without it23:38
prologicit isn't23:39
prologicbut it ensures a clean enviornment23:39
prologicI notice your pytest has some logilab stuf fin it23:39
prologicand other things23:39
prologicwhich may be the cause of the issue23:39
prologicI can't really be sure :)23:39
prologicit's okay :)23:40
spaceonehm, also what about the manager thing23:40
prologicit's just a *lot* harder to ensure things works for everyone without using a clean environment -- aka virtualenv23:40
spaceoneit seems that the manager does not fire any events23:40
prologicyeah that *should* be running23:40
prologicand started when the test suite is started23:40
prologicI'm not sure atm but I can't really look into it right now23:40 works23:40
prologicbut can when I'm home tonight23:41
spaceoneeverything else does not23:41
prologicnormally you just register the app to the manager fixture23:41
prologicthat's how many of the tests are written now23:41
prologicthere's even a complete example as well23:41
spaceonewell. yes i read these things and don't do other things than the examples23:50

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