IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2015-05-12

prologicyeah only thing that may be interferring is your environment00:01
prologicI'm not sure why your tracebacks are showing logilab :)00:01
prologicalso fyi00:01
prologictests run fine here00:01
prologicrunning them locally now00:01
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spaceoneprologic: ok, well then it is my environment... you can merge the PR now, as it successfully fails in TravisCI07:59
prologicwhich PR?08:07
spaceoneprologic: the coroutine PR08:07
prologicI merged em all :)08:08
prologiclet's see if we can focus our next efforts on getting all tests passing :)08:08
y0nohum why pull request are merged whereas tests are broken on these commit ?10:07
prologicy0no, because I merged it :)10:11
prologicwe can't be too strict right now10:11
prologicbecause the tests aren't passing 100%10:11
prologicso when they do (hopefully soon) we can get a little stricter on that10:11
prologicit's as spaceone said the other day10:12
prologicwant to encourage easy contributions to the project10:12
prologicnot make it harder :)10:12
y0noyep but the last commit (from treemo) introduce new issues ( that needed to be fixed before merged10:17
y0nowhen we do a pull request we have the result of the travis CI tests, I think it's better to fix new issue before merging it no ?10:18
prologicexec in10:33
prologicThis doesn't work with Python 3.210:33
prologicy0no, I completely agree :)10:33
spaceoneprologic: trying again11:46
prologicyeah yeah :)11:51
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spaceoneprologic: since when are event names case sensitive?21:40
prologicsince always!23:22
prologicI think :)23:22
spaceoneokay, well does not matter23:36
spaceoneprologic: is there some tool to add a timeout for a event?23:37
spaceoneprologic: wow, the inherited __nonzero__/__bool__ method from BaseComponent was very irritating and costed a lot of time to debug... if foo: → false; if foo is not None: → true23:39

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