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prologicspaceone: Yeah I'm not really sure we really need that00:09
prologicit *was* designed for the use-case of00:09
prologicif app:00:09
prologic   ...00:09
prologicwhere it would be True if the event queue had events00:09
prologicI think00:09
prologicI think it *is* used internalyl though00:10
prologicbut could be replaced00:10
prologicre timeout for an event00:10
prologicwhat do you mean by that?00:10
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spaceoneprologic: self.wait() with timeout... maximum wait 1 second otherwise stop that event07:33
spaceoneprologic: FYI: i am afk until saturday07:33
prologicoh we have that already I believe08:09
prologicbut it's not 1s per say08:09
prologicI think it's no. of ticks08:09
prologicor something08:09
prologiccan't quite remember08:09
prologicwhat does the docstring say? :)08:10
spaceoneprologic: does manager.stop() block until all events like 'stoppped'/etc. are performed?08:25
prologicspaceone, yes08:28
prologicbut it's better to raise SystemExit()08:28
prologicsince that's caught by the manager08:28
prologicand handled gracefully08:28
spaceoneare there differences then?08:29
spaceoneprologic: your commit is the same...08:33
spaceoneprologic: there is no try: except: (did you push the fixup correctly)?08:46
prologiclemme check :)09:01
prologicspaceone, lol09:02
prologicforgot git add -A09:02
prologicdone and pushed up09:02
prologicthere we go :)09:02
spaceoneprologic: i'll change a little bit in droppriviledges in the evening09:10
prologicsure feel free09:23
prologicit's a branch on the circuits repo itself09:23
prologicwhat are you proposing?09:23
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spaceonegr, tab/space mix09:33
prologici see where you're going with this09:38
prologicbut tbqh I don't think semantically it makes much difference here09:38
spaceonewell, Exception will catch a lot things, e.g. SyntaxError...09:41
prologicwell that'll never be caught there09:58
prologicas it's caught higher up :)09:58
prologicin the event dispatcher :)09:58
spaceoneit would be10:19
spaceonewhen using except Exception10:19
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prologicthat's what I'm trying to say though10:28
prologicthe dispatcher has a try/except10:28
prologicoh wait10:28
prologicyes you're right10:28
prologicyeah happy to go with your improved PR10:28
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