IRC Logs for #circuits Tuesday, 2015-05-19

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prologicspaceone, yeah I don't think the .wait() API was ever designed that way per se11:59
prologicit was designed to wait for a specific known event name11:59
prologicoptionally on some channel(s)11:59
prologicso this particular usage is not valid11:59
prologicyou'd have to have first done something like IIRC11:59
prologicx =, "a')11:59
prologicyield self.wait("name", "a")12:00
prologicfor example12:00
prologicif that makes sense12:00
spaceoneprologic: i will not use self.wait('name') because in my application are probably multiple concurrent name events... i have to wait for that specific event12:29
prologicright I see12:31
prologicwell as always let's document this "lack of feature" on our issue tracker12:31
prologicand see if we can't solve it :)12:32
prologicI'm always up for improving circuits coroutine management really12:32
prologicI think waiting for a specific event makes senence12:32
prologiclong day12:32
prologicI'm going to bed :)12:32
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