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spaceonei had a closer look into the internals ( and think that it is really nice... i understand a lot more now12:18
spaceonethe _complete event can't differentiate whether the event was successful or failed, right?!12:35
spaceoneone can use _success and _failure but then don't know if yield-waited-events were successfully, too12:37
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y0nohi o/16:21
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y0noprologic, I think there is a memory leak somewhere in circuits. With treemo we have done some tests and we've found some weird results16:37
y0noWe have coded two scripts that make the same work and we have monitored the memory usage:
y0noand as you can see ( the memory consumptions is not really the same.16:40
y0noWe have investigated and we think that this result come from garbage collector issue inside circuits16:41
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spaceonei saw a memory leak in my apps before, too18:04
y0nospaceone, we are working on it =)18:21
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prologicspaceone, I think we don't track enough information to make "complete" useful enough21:28
prologicit does do what it suggests though21:28
prologicit fires foo_complete21:28
prologicwhen foo has fired and any subsequent events from foo have fired21:28
prologicso it is complete when the chain of events is complete21:28
prologicso it's slightly different to success/failure21:28
prologicwhich work on a single event21:29
prologicy0no, memory leak? great21:29
prologiclet's file an issue and fix it :)21:29
prologicASAP :)21:29
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spaceoneprologic: what about yielding None ?21:53
spaceoneis it valid (to let other events be executed)21:54
prologicsure is21:58
prologicI believe :)21:59
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