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y0noprologic, issue opened:
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koobsprologic: /join #freebsd-docker in case you missed it on twitter07:49
koobsprologic: spose you couldnt really miss it with all the twitter notifications youre getting though ;)07:51
prologicy0no, I saw :) thank you08:17
prologicQ: Is there a way we can take into account the test's own memory usage08:17
prologicand take that out of the equiation/graphing?08:17
y0noprologic, we can read memory one time before call and just after to get only callEvent consumption08:21
y0nobut it will be more compilcated to get fireEvent consumption with this08:21
prologiclet me think about it08:22
y0noI think that the effect of list usage inside the test case is inconsiderable.08:22
prologicI think it's possible08:22
prologicsubclass Manager08:22
prologicand override run()08:22
prologicwrap it in a decorator that captures the memory used before and after each tick08:23
prologicbut I love what you guys have done08:23
y0noAnother solution can be to measure call + list, and list only and do the difference between results.08:23
prologicbut I'd really like to see it in a test-case kind of form08:23
prologicso we never leak memroy again08:23
prologicand to take into account the test's own memory08:23
prologicdo we know where the memory leaks are coming from?08:24
prologicyou mentioned our coro stuff is leaking memory08:24
prologicwhich is kind of new and not surprising08:24
prologicbut I'm surprised there's a memory leak anywhere else tbh08:24
prologicunless it was accidently introduced in 2.2+08:24
prologicI have many of my websites running in 2.1 still :(08:24
prologicand they're backends have been up for a long time :)08:24
y0noIn our production system we use a lot of tasks, a lot of events, etc... And we have seen memory issue after 200,000 events processed.08:26
y0noIt seem that the finished event are not released from memory. SO if you use little processing on event you will not be impacted, but if the processing is important you will see your memory explode after few hours.08:27
y0noAs you can see on my second comments on the issue, we have found with treemo a first improve of memory usage. But this is currently not the best solution because we still have memory leak on our production, lesser than before but still there.08:29
prologicgood to see real-world stuff there08:46
prologicimpressive too I might add08:46
prologicnice :)08:46
prologicso here's the thing08:46
prologiclet's fix this ASAP :)08:47
prologicand see (if it's not too much effort) to ensure we don't introduce these kinds of memory leaks again08:47
y0noprologic, yep it seem good09:45
y0nothe other priority is to fix the tests09:46
y0nocurrently the build is not ok :/09:46
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prologicbut it's only one or two failing tests10:41
prologicwe're okay :)10:41
prologicwe'll get it green real soon :)10:41
prologicand hopefully cut a release soon too10:41
prologicwe need help of course so keep those contributiosn coming!10:41
prologictime and man power et all :)10:41
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