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riothmm, is the serial component really working? I've writte a component that should connect to /dev/ttyUSB0 - which is not there, and i don't even get an error, or anything15:58
riotaaaah! no good! Silently eating errors during opening! no good!16:00
riotuh, the _encoding of Serial is never set16:09
rioti'm trying to communicate16:23
riotwith an atmega168 - i wrote the serial interface on that myself, it works using a terminal but gives crap when using the serial component, nuh uh16:23
riotapparently CRLF is completely fscked up - i suspect the encoder going off or something16:24
riotaah fuckit, i'm just gonna dehumanize my protocol a bit and send clean bytes without any dandruff16:32
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prologicriot, file an issue :)20:18
prologiclet's fix that :)20:18
prologicriot, also if you can improve; can you think of any good ways to put it under unit/integration tests?20:19
prologicthat would be awesome :)20:19
prologicbut file bug reports anyway for the things you've found please :)20:19
prologicI have Arduino/Atmega stuff here too I can use to play with20:19
y0noprologic, riot I can test too if you want21:31
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riotprologic: difficult, because i first have to get a protocol for my board fixed.23:22
prologicriot: sure; but file som issues anyway for the things you've found so far23:39
prologicand PR(s) if you can :)23:39
prologicotherwise we'll fix em :)23:39
pdurbinprologic: added! Add Circuits to OpenHatch · Issue #29 · circuits/circuits -
prologicbeautiful :)23:48
pdurbinhope it works. it still isn't for the other project I added :(23:50
pdurbin"No volunteer opportunities in dataverse-client-python indexed here yet"

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