IRC Logs for #circuits Monday, 2015-05-25

prologicpdurbin: I signed up and created a profile for myself00:16
prologicand tagged myself in circuits00:16
pdurbinprologic: oh, great00:18
pdurbinprologic: here's the problem I'm seeing:
pdurbinbut hopefully we won't have these problems with circuits00:20
prologicyou already added a bug tracker for the project right?00:25
pdurbinyeah, tried00:26
prologicwe'll see if it works I guess00:26
pdurbinthey do a crawl every night, I think00:26
prologichow long till the crawler hits the issues tracker?00:26
pdurbinshould know soon00:26
prologicnps :)00:26
pdurbinthey have logs somewhere00:26
pdurbinhmmm. " line 56: syntax error: unexpected end of file"00:27
prologicwho's managing openhatch?00:29
prologicwhat's it all written in?00:29
pdurbinprologic: it's written in Python00:32
pdurbinah shell, apparently :)00:32
prologicI should help out :)00:37
prologiccan't even find in any of hte repos00:39
prologicbut admittedly I only have a quick cursory glance00:39
pdurbinme neither. I even checked
pdurbinprologic: sure! maybe you can help. let's see what happens to that issue I just opened01:00
pdurbinprologic: links improved with titles? what links?01:27
prologicin the answers I provided01:30
prologiccan you see them?01:30
pdurbinthe links in your answers seem fine. they're clickable01:30
pdurbinI just added a logo:
pdurbinand a link to the homepage01:31
pdurbinand added the primary language01:31
prologiclovely :) thanks01:34
pdurbinoh sure01:34
pdurbinprologic: I was pretty brutally honest in my "involvement description": :)01:35
prologicbut circuits *is* used by Dataverse API(s) right?01:38
prologichow is it used (if at all)?01:39
pdurbinI've never used circuits.01:39
pdurbinmaybe I'll write an IRC bot01:39
pdurbinhaven't gotten around to it01:39
prologichaha okay :)01:43
prologicjust do it; tonight :)01:43
pdurbinmeh, working on my talk: Build Tools at IQSS -
prologicahh yeap01:56
prologicpdurbin: I think I found that "Forum style" setting for the circuits-users google groups02:04
prologicHave a look? I just change dit02:04
pdurbinprologic: yep. good job02:19
prologiccan close issue now? :)02:21
prologicawesome :)03:07
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riothmm, how do i exempt components from the debugger? the serialport is nooooooisy ;)12:06
prologicyou can add channels and event names to the Debugger class before you instantiate it12:14
prologic |  :var IgnoreEvents: list of events (str) to ignore12:14
prologic |  :var IgnoreChannels: list of channels (str) to ignore12:14
prologic |  :var enabled: Enabled/Disabled flag12:14
prologicI'm not sure that it's possible any other way tbh12:15
prologicsince the Debugger uses a global event handler12:15
prologicyou may be able to set a higher priority one :)12:15
prologicmight be higher than: @handler()12:15
rioti can't somehow get the opened event in my serial-component owning controller :/12:17
rioti tried with various other substitutions, e.g. waiting for the actual "opened" event.. nil response12:21
riotyeah, debugger.IgnoreEvents.extend("write", "_write") helps a lot12:25
riotit works, if i tell the serial port to use the machineroom channel, but i'd really like to separate the port a bit more, because i might end up having multiple ports again12:46
riot(scrap that, i WILL have multiple ports, as there are a few other serial devices i intend to read.12:46
riotone of the next followup components is a magnetic compass and accelerometer12:46
riotgpsm, etc. - everything necessary for navigation ;)12:47
pdurbinprologic: no volunteer opportunties indexed yet:
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rioti think, i'll add a terminator to (default="\r\n" aka crlf, so you can filter packets by using this one or a custom one (i think, crlf is preeetty common ;))19:51
riotbut my ┬ÁC uses "*" as terminator right now19:52
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prologicriot, channel="port"20:48
prologicnot channels20:48
prologicriot, good idea re terminator; send us a pullie :)20:49
prologicpdurbin, does this mean the crawler is still broken potentially?20:49
pdurbinprologic: I think it worked for a few weeks21:54

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